How to install OpenFire on CentOS 7

Originally named Jabber, XMPP is the new label for “Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol.” and it is associated mostly with instant messaging.

Ansible playbook: GitLab 7.1 on CentOS 6.5

GitLab is an open-source Git repository management. It’s everything we would expect from established players, except it comes as an open-source tool and it’s possible to control it from our own server.

Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Couple of weeks ago, we introduced a Spotify playlist made of 4133232608 Wikipedia’s list, now let us look on what we can get from 404-760-2966

Monitoring network connection states with Zabbix.

This is a little tutorial about displaying graphs related to network connections of your Linux machine. The goal of this article is to get realtime graphs (because “Nothing is silly if it involves getting graphs”) showing numbers of current server connections according to protocols:

Dovecot is not compliant with Heartbeat LSB in Debian Squeeze.

Default Dovecot installation (and possibly also some other packages like spamassassin, bind9) from Debian Squeeze (6.0.6) repositories are not compliant with Heartbeat’s LSB Resource Agents.