You've got an hour.


Cloudy with occasional rain.

The teacher demonstrated many experiments in physics.

He couldn't understand much of what they said to each other.

I hate your guts.

It is clear that he is rich.


I sent Wendy an email.


Raising a child demands patience.


I'm not satisfied with the results.

This is such an easy problem as any student can solve.

As a proud new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.


Why don't you let me go?

Fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you.

If something looks too good to be true, it probably is.

The United States bombed civilians in Japan with nuclear weapons. Nowadays, some US officials consider the idea of doing it again in other countries. They are just trying to find a justification for that.

Did you tell on Bret?

I will go even if it should rain heavily.

It's not true that equality is a law of nature; nature makes nothing equal - her sovereign laws are subordination and dependence.

I wish we could ask Ninja to help.

He dashed out of the store.


What is it that you want to know?

No one but a strong man is fit for the post.

I don't feel like going out on such a day.

Didn't it occur to you to shut the windows?

I love whatever is cute.

I have to do the best I can.

Why do you want to make your boyfriend jealous?

I was wondering if you might be willing to talk to Romain.

Who do you think's wrong?


I have decided that I won't let people get close to me anymore, this means that I will never expect someone to love me, nor will I open my heart to anyone.


It's not explainable.

His parents should be firm with him.

It's very obvious.

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Kate drinks lots of milk every day.


There were not many rainy days in June this year.

I'm not coming back here.

They did not break apart easily.

Ariel was obviously discouraged.

The manager of this store is growing a beard.

I won't swim.

Hitoshi isn't being very friendly, is he?


This is a product for men.

What made Bill decide to be an engineer?

That's bullshit!

The poem was composed by an anonymous author.

Dave was there also.

What kind of inhaler do you use?

Pria couldn't help but wonder if everybody was safe.


You have no right to open this box.

I wonder if it will be sunny outside.

Let's stay out of each other's way.


The delegates voted immediately.

They often associate Japan with Mt. Fuji.

Dannie didn't appear to realize what was going to happen.


I told Gail to go ahead.

How beautiful!

The chair is far away from the door.

Let's go on a road trip.

I've never broken the law.


By the way, do you think there's anything after death?


I thought Barton had more class than that.

Lisa thought Dick was with John.

Is there anywhere private we can talk?

Don't let him eat it.

My flight was canceled and I can't leave until tomorrow.

I'm completely deaf.

Our relationship is like an adventure.


Liber is trying to do his best.

Jeannie wanted Dean to leave him alone.

How did you kill her?

He maintained a steady speed on the highway.

I only have butter in my refrigerator.

His eights looked like lowercase Gs.

I will labor in the cause of humanity.

Bob hurried home in order to watch the TV program.

I've just arrived in Boston.

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Spass has a list of people who helped.

You know so much about her.

The women are amazing creatures.

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Who the hell are you anyway?


There's only one way to live.


The dining car's at the front end of the train.

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No vital organs were damaged.

Christofer put his hands over his ears.

I've always thought you knew how to speak French.

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She has an evident need of medical attention.


This is a view of the Alps.


Srikanth'll lose.

He told me to meet him at his house.

How it ended up here is impossible to know for sure.


There are twelve months in a year.

My monthly wage is 300,000 yen.

I have finished my homework.

They were meant for each other.

Can you think of anyone who might be able to babysit our kids tonight?

There is no denying that he is clever.

I can't cancel on her.

What am I supposed to do with this money?

Consider your options carefully.

What does his silence imply?

Finish what you started.

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This painting by Rembrandt is a work of art.

There may be some truth in your story.

I don't allow you to refer to me as "you".

She says I need a fresh start.

We still have an hour before we need to be there.

This yearbook is illustrated with a lot of beautiful photographs.

Pratt doesn't like summer. He says it's too hot.


Up until three days ago, I'd never even heard of Steve Jackson.

Do you have a picture of him?

This desk is broken.

Hon is signing documents.

Teresa could only think of one thing he really wanted to do.

I was probably dreaming.

Who did that belong to?

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I know this woman.

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Did you see Nicholas?

She fixed us a snack.

My father taught me how to swim.

The roof is covered with sheet metal.

He arrived from Novgorod yesterday.


Am I required to get a visa?

I had a terrible education. I attended a school for emotionally disturbed teachers.

This is Mike's bicycle.


The cat was basking in the sun.


I've known it all along.

Can you give me a lift to the station?

We found that we had lost our way.

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Fear hath a hundred eyes.


Nobody was conscious of my presence there.

Can you jump over a chair from a standing position?

Floria was sitting right there.

They had to stay at home all day.

We must not give up.

I believe you want to help.

Spread the love.

We have no one but ourselves to blame for that.

The letter "n" is a lower-case character.


We drink a lot of beer at home.


My mother appears young for her age.

It's hard to find good help these days.

I keep receiving unwanted emails.

Fuck me.

Something must be happening.

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My dog is white.

The contract is invalid if you were forced to sign it.

She became a great artist.

Do you believe in horoscopes?

I was going to tell you everything.

Do you drink tea?

This cell phone is really expensive.

That knot's loose.

I'm really worried about him.


She snapped her fingers.


You've made a horrible mistake.

Petr might come tomorrow.

That country abounds in oil.

Go to the wine cellar and get a couple of bottles of wine.

Instead of going ashore, we stayed on the ship.