I think you're quite right.

You shouldn't depend too much on other people to help you.


Don't even go there.


Israel disagreed.

What does Kazuhiro do for a living?

Mason knows more about economics than most people do.

Ethan is visiting Joe in Boston.

Plastic left before I got home.


I don't think that could happen.

I promise I'll be quiet.

Give them what they want.

In Esperanto, the penultimate syllable is stressed.

I stay in contact with Pratapwant.

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It is the tallest tree that I ever saw.

Nici said he disagrees.

That's a really nice story.

Is there anything wrong with you?

There isn't enough space here for forty people.

Cats don't eat mice these days.

How does the moon shine at night?

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National honor is national property of the highest value.

We have nothing in common.

Do not search for people's weaknesses, but for their strengths.


Wanna go to a movie tomorrow night?

It happened that the train was delayed on account of snow.

Audrey sat next to Toft on the tailgate.


Generally speaking, a woman will live longer than a man.

Are you still looking for them?

We want Ti to go home.

What would be your chances to answer this question right, if you chose one of the following possibilities at random? A: 25%, B: 50%, C: 0%, D: 25%

You'll never truly be happy unless you are out there.


Everybody laughed at the boy.

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The president ought to be ashamed.

Did you stop at the red traffic light?

We are victorious.

German Shepherds are good at sniffing out drugs.

Are you happy with your body?

If I could, I would.

Today I came to work by car.

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I guess my view on friendship is pretty bleak because I've never really had to rely on anyone for anything.


We can't allow that.

Thanks to you, Sri.

And the bear's skin dropped off, and the beautiful girl stood before him, in the dress woven out of the star-light, and he saw that she was the stranger with whom he had fallen so deeply in love. And now she appeared to him a thousand times more beautiful than ever.


He asked his wife if she was coming with him.

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Hang in there, guys.

You were an animal.

What can have induced him to behave so cruelly?

We've got plenty.

We take great pleasure in meeting all of you this evening.


What did you do to each other?

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He wrote a lot of books on China.

I never work on weekends.

I find this problem easier than I originally thought.

A hypothetical explanation could be that they just forgot it.

I'm afraid I've eaten too much.

Christophe had never lied to me before.

Argh! My computer froze up again.


Can you give me this one, please?

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I was a little bit nervous.

I stole this from her.

I know I can count on you.

I exercised.

Give me a hand.

My father's name is Robert.

She was happy that she passed the exam.

Whenever I put my Wellington boots on, I like splashing into puddles.

We're plastered.

Don't be an idiot.

We have to take care of our children.

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Why did they fire him?

I hate myself.

Vishal is babysitting tonight.

I saw him pat her on the shoulder.

To put it briefly, she turned down his proposal.

You'll stay put.

They will consider this.


Someone stole my umbrella at the bakery.

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Please forgive me asking such a personal question.


Her father is an excellent pianist.

She can't drive.

They decorated the tree with stars and ornaments.

Kikki has been kidnapped.

When does he play tennis?

This medicine is not a poison in itself.

Damon is not attracted to Asian men.

Tammy hasn't had lunch yet.

You should apologize.

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What lesson do you like most of all?


He doesn't know his father.

Are you leaving now?

Stop now or I'll scream!

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I'm willing to listen to any suggestions you might have.

It was very kind of you to visit me when I was ill.

I suggest that you take a break and cool off a little.

Jock weighs about 300 pounds.

The dressmaker took Sanjay's measurements.


Where's the women's section?

Unfortunately I can't find the lyrics for this song.

I know all those guys.

I never imagined we'd be talking about this topic today.

Pria handed Anton a sandwich.

Shamim isn't breaking the rules.

Let me know if you need more.

Why don't you do it like I showed you?

Shahid Jackson is the head of our department.

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Where did you buy that shirt?

I was impressed with her work.

The women are in front of big rocks.


You are working too hard. Sit down and take it easy for a while.

Plans are still pending.

Why doesn't Hillary return my phone calls?


It's not going to be easy to do this.

It is one of the most serious problems facing this country.

Okay, thanks, I understand now.

I fell asleep while listening to the radio.

I got used to working overtime.


I assume you must be a close friend of Jerald's.

We're free now.

Dorothy isn't in the office.

He is my heart.

I've been at home.


When I pressed the button, the bell rang.

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I'm sure I've met Pamela before, but I can't quite place him.

I have some things I have to do.

Even though the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour, Ramesh was driving much faster.

He illustrated the theory with facts.

"Quiet," he whispered.

I'm sorry for your not having come with us.

The teacher is likely to get angry with the students.

I know that you hate each other, but you need to work together, you're on the same team.

I can't run away from the fascination of music.


The whole nation was sad to hear that their king died.

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Who cares where Deb was?

I knew about this three weeks ago.

You should know it in order to protect yourself.

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There is a TV remote control under the couch.

The doctor pronounced him dead.

They despise her.

The structure already has some defects.

That guy is batshit crazy.

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Mr. Jackson gives us a lot of homework every day.

The car my grandfather gave me only got ten miles per gallon.

A pope has not resigned since 1415.


The GNP has been growing at a snail's pace.

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Are you good at skiing?

I live in the Andromeda Galaxy.

This is bullshit.

We believed you.

I'm afraid to walk down that street.

I like classical music very much.

We don't know what happened to Marie.

Carsten spoke.

I don't know what I was expecting.


Why would someone kill Shannon?


What made it difficult for you to carry out the plan?

I want him to respect me.

I'd be depressed if that happened again.

It's a pleasure, my friend.

I haven't given the money to Charlie yet.

I've studied your data.

I know what it's like to be the new guy.