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I'm all out of tricks.

Do you have an extra room?

I know she'll agree.

I sure wish I could do that.

Sometimes I find that I basically have no time to pay attention to irrelevant trivia.

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Those burly books were really expensive.

Roman loosened his tie and poured himself a drink.

His immoral actions did not go unnoticed.

All orders must be accompanied with cash.

Nathaniel did his duty.

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They swam against the stream.

Ernst didn't want to go to the party, but ended up having a ball.

They will ask Rusty.

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I know the perfect person for you.

He undertook a great deal of work.

Take a mean position in everything.

I don't handle loneliness well.

He got down on all fours and started searching for the ring.

Who did Bruno save?

They ravaged the countryside, obliterating everything in their path.

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John wants to see you and me.


Juan didn't participate in the discussion.

She will come soon.

The flood caused a lot of damage.

My salary was high this month.

It was in the 1920s that a big earthquake destroyed Tokyo.

Gregory didn't want Ramiro to see John anymore.

I feel refreshed after taking a walk.


Darren looks happy today.

The apple trees set very well.

One should keep one's promises.


Seymour stayed up until dawn.

Gretchen wants me to take Merat to the party.

Rathnakumar took off his hat and bowed politely.

Put it on one bill, please.

Do you want in on this?

We have so much in common.

After the rain, fair weather.


I haven't met him even once.

The fact that I usually go to bed after three in the morning shows that, with all my heart, I live in London's timezone.

He didn't pay him any visit.

Lock the door without fail.

I'm a kid that watches ALOT of TV.

Hitoshi has done it already.

I've looked through your report and made some notes on it.

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Dinner is usually not ready until six o'clock.

Naoko can run fast.

Exercise is the best way to get rid of stress.

Don't ever say that to Sho.

Major stepped inside.


They're playing chess.

There's still work to be done.

Nadeem is a father.

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He left for Tokyo on urgent business by the 7 o'clock express this morning.

Does it often snow in the winter here?

You can't complain.


Why is it that many language courses are ineffective?


That's not much of a plan.


The event starts at 4pm.

Vinod, Alain and John sat around the kitchen table.

We'll work the problem out.

Linda is Dan's twin sister.

Srivatsan said he'd look at it.

I've got to get Dawn ready for school.

I don't know how to make you happy.

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Rolf goes to Boston every year.


We should come in.


Turn off the TV, will you?

For precisely that reason, many works have been translated from all kinds of languages into Esperanto.

I must set about that work without delay.

I wanted to run away with you.

So, I dislike root beer.

Deb never raises his voice.

Jesus always keeps me waiting.

I'm sure you'll like him.

I can't imagine what Jos might be thinking about.

I know more than you do.

Take an aspirin.

An hour into the trip, Stevan announced that she couldn't remember turning the iron off.

He showered abuse on me.


Keith said that he and Lorien will probably be a little late.


Cathy submitted a list of topics for possible inclusion on the agenda for the annual general meeting.


I like them better.

What exactly is your book about?

Are we friends?

That was unfortunate.

Tango lived with a small boy in a small village.

It's a big decision.

We definitely surprised them.

I still cry when I think about it.

We tend to use more and more electric appliances in the home.


Per didn't intend to argue with Lloyd.

His success encouraged me very much.

We should get out of the house.

It rained heavily all day long.

The man is eating beans.

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Some Jews are accustomed to reading the book of Esther on Purim.


What do you want me to do there?

Everyone must memorize these words.

Are you really going to London to study?

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Raphael will miss the train if he doesn't hurry.

It's not just Teresa's fault.

I asked for a seat in the non-smoking section.

The toast popped out of the toaster.

I had to deal with Tracey.

Please tell me your opinion.

If only I'd sold that property during the economic bubble, I wouldn't have suffered such a big loss.

The conference continued till 5 o'clock.

You are hurting me.

A camel is a gentle and pleasant tame beast whereof there are plenty in Africa especially in the Deserts of Libya, Numidia and Barbary by which Africans estimate their own wealth.

I don't hate this.

Werner was in a lousy mood.

He can ski as skilfully as his father.

They are very popular among boys.

It's not possible to do two things at once.

We're paid by the hour.

Tad quite often sleeps more than eight hours.

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I can't read these instructions.

Arthur isn't as happy as Mike.

We'll destroy their dens.

I understand the concept.

Andrea was lenient.

I'll complain about you.

It's all going to work out, you'll see.

I don't know when I will die.

I'm going to be late.

A true democracy allows free speech.

Express your idea concretely.

Matthew wanted to live.

Karma is a nasty little bitch!

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Do you have an empty room in this hotel?


The children started bouncing up and down on the couch.


I'm doing the speed limit.


Laurent wore a silk blouse.


Call your mom and tell her you'll be late.

I pronounce you husband and wife.

Noted. Thank you.

This wildcard character stands for an unspecified symbol.

Those present were all against the plan.

If it's that hot, how about you take off all your clothes?

Don't come in here, please!

Sanjay couldn't believe that Kitty had actually said that.

Don't do to others that which you would not wish done to yourself.


Carelessness can lead to a serious accident.

Dogs like playing with other dogs.

Real likes to talk on the phone.

I swear to you I will never do it again.

Russia shouldn't change its national anthem so often.


Donovan and Hilda played Pictionary last night.

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Do you like Renaissance art?

Let Van finish what he started.

My uncle is in charge of the third-year class.

I finally graduated from junior high school.

Don't make light of his advice.

Truer words have never been spoken.

In past, Iranians lived on naan bread, but nowadays basic Iranian's food gets rice.

Warn me never to go there again.

You are the last person I expected to see here.

I think I know what's necessary.

The more you practice, the less likely you are to make a mistake.

It's getting worse and worse.

This is going to take forever.


She bragged about it.


The woman pressed the baby to her.