You are what matters to me.

The man has no house to live in.

I'm just helping out.

Jon said he didn't have anything to say.

She's coming with me.

Loyd came to Boston in 2001 and lived here until 2010.

Our education system is very poor.

Why did Donnie lie to me?

You'll have to stand on your toes to see.

And don't deny yourself anything.

I'd like to have you on our team.

Take care of them.

The doesn't know what Andrea was going to do.

He brought forward a strong objection to my proposal.

The soul of man is larger than the sky and deeper than the ocean.

He has decided to become a pilot.

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Gregory is holding a lit candle in his right hand.

Divide this line segment into twenty equal parts.

If you eat nothing but ice cream, you'll get a stomachache.


Can you spare a cigarette?

Vaughn isn't going to make it.

He looks as if he had been ill for more than a month.


He expressed it in the form of fiction.

I'm jealous that you have a good boss.

Don't walk away from Wendy.

I don't want Luke to see me naked.

Is Mr. Smith an English teacher?

The King of France is bald.

I promise I'll never do that again.

Honor! truly a very convenient coin, which those who know how to pass it may lay out with great advantage.

Rudolph doubled his investment in a year.

The cat loves playing in the garden.

It's one thing to speak a language; teaching it is a whole new ball game.

Walt tried to stop it from happening.

I don't think that Janice realizes how rude he's being.

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Mosur doesn't know where.

One speaks French in France.

Get out of my life!

The typhoon may cross the Tohoku district.

I promise I won't be late again.

Valentina became interested in parachute jumping when she was young.

Hi! Where do you want to go?


Coleen takes tap dancing lessons twice a week.

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He is beneath her in rank.


We're friends from way back.

The college accepted him as a student.

We know it won't happen again.

I asked her to be here.

There used to be a pond here where you could see many swans.

Deb and I are classmates.

Winnie is wearing a low-cut top.

Shall I cook dinner today?

He's a bit of a snob.

I just said the same thing.

His friends had told him a lot about that small hut, built roughly with metal parts and crumbling bricks.


Ric's car is still in the driveway.

I believe it will be better.

We couldn't make it happen.


We have to come up with a new plan.


You should work hard while you are young.

Everybody likes his jokes.

The conclusion may seem trivial: Esperanto exists.

Tell them everything is fine.

We'll all go to Boston next weekend.

I cannot believe you did not see him then.

She did not keep her word.

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I'll find my own way out.

Srinivasan isn't a stable person.

I'd like to get married.


It doesn't look like we'll get paid this week.


I suggest that you see Mr. White.


I wonder if exchange students can join this club.


The party organized by Woody was a huge success.

My wife usually doesn't drink coffee at night. I don't either.

Wondering if he came, I looked out the window.

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A very well known wine is produced in that region.

What is it you want to know?

If we had wings, could we fly to the moon?

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I add new examples.

That is new a shop which opened last week.

I understood the reason for this.

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We've been here an hour.


You've brightened my day.


I don't want to remember. I feel I'll go mad through rage.

Teri has a car.

I looked back to see if she looked back to see if I had looked back.

I'll say this: you won't get anywhere by being angry with me.

I know everything that you've done.

Charlene is very bright.

I don't like being all alone.

We dance well.

The accused was sentenced to death.

It is actually true that the less money you have, the less you worry.

Would you mind telling me what to do?

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We get along famously.

Clara's palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry.

Richard is in very good health.


Did Kathy succeed?


You tell us interesting stories.

He ran too fast for me to keep up with him.

Where are we eating tonight?

This is our secret.

At first blush, Carisa's suggestion seemed feasible.

I've been working on this for three weeks.

Don't you think it's a little too big?

I've got an appointment.

Oh, he was just talking about how children are the builders of tomorrow or some other bullshit.

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We are decorating the conference room.


If I were you, I wouldn't worry.


Feeding someone during the holy month of Ramadan is very rewarding.

Almost all of my neighbors are nice.

Giovanni is someone that I trust.


Thou shalt not kill; but need'st not strive / Officiously to keep alive.

When I saw him, I thought he was going to kill me.

This sentence is redundant.

We can't rest until Srivatsan is free.

Every man has his own strong points.

I want something else.

Is that illegal?

Everyone's watching us.

He took her in his arms and hugged her.

Amedeo started to say something, but changed his mind.

I knew that I was being watched.

We could watch a movie.

He played a very important part in our scientific research.

What do you guys want to do?

Are Americans really so individualistic?

I think time will tell.

It was simply an oversight.

The Bharatiya Janata Party is an organization.

The best swimmers are oftenest drowned.

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It was not always this way.


This is hers.


I taught you well.

I owe a lot to my coach.

The statue is dated 1920.

Pollution is everywhere.

How many times do you wash your hands every day?

Should it rain tomorrow, the baseball game will be postponed.

There are no classes in August.

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I feel very lonely these days.

Eventually, Sehyo found out what had happened.

Allen can't see anything without his glasses.


No received a letter from Murph this morning.


The better cooked the meat is, the quicker its digestion.

What are your names?

What do we do for a living?

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Chechens have inclinations towards independence.

My boss turned down his proposal.

That isn't going to help.

Metin and Terrence boarded the train at five thirty.

Juan divided the bread into two pieces.

He doesn't dare to say a thing.

It was the happiest time of my life.


Day after day, the dog sat waiting for his master in front of the station.

We don't know Angela.

Carlos was rushed to the emergency room.

The boy is the same age as my brother.

Leslie frowned at Dave.

I don't like being single.

Domestic mail was delivered four times a day.


They departed ten days in advance of our party.

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Our condolences.