Raif told Shari that he'd kissed Alice.

We could ask them.


With bronze as a mirror one can dress neatly; with the example of another person one can see the advantages and disadvantages of himself; from the mirror of history one can know the reason for the rise and fall of states.

You look like an orangutan.

Works are but means to make life meaningful, not the meaning of life itself.


I stepped in the sludge.

The contestants who looked and sounded like Elvis were hired for the show.

We may have to help them.

Unfortunately, it's true.

The gun hadn't been fired.


I'm not picky.

Dormant volcanoes no longer produce eruptions, but might again sometime in the future.

What do you imagine when you see that picture?

My uncle's company launched a new product last month.

I'm going to ask for a new desk.


You should eat fruits and vegetables at least three times a day.


We've got work to do.


Have you been stealing from me?


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Darren doesn't want to be a hero.

Why do we need to find him?

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Michiel sat alone on a boulder.


let's not get ahead of ourselves


Ed knows some words in French.


The train station is located downtown.

Give me the shovel.

Maria gave me moral support.


I put the kettle on the cooker.

When I was a boy, I often read a book in bed.

The telephone hasn't been installed yet.

We talked in low voices so we wouldn't wake the baby.

He interfered in our private concerns.

Cranes flying low indicate warm weather.

We're home.

Are you ready to start working?

We have to protect our kids.

You know it's not true.

I certainly enjoyed traveling, and I still would if I could, but traveling is expensive and I don't earn as much as I used to.

Does jazz hold any appeal for you?

Julianto did nothing to help.

Mom is going to town.

We drove to Hakone last Sunday.

Do you need my assistance?

I'm glad we can help.

It's a matter that concerns all of us.

How many cities are there in the world?

Lucifer's a first-time offender.

Ninja nodded affirmatively.

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Our team achieved five medals in total.

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The Japanese live in harmony with nature.

I can resist everything but temptation.

The 21st century belongs to Asia.

I'm very impatient to see the new version of Tatoeba.

You shouldn't let the children watch so much television.

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He drew an apple.

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No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

The air became warm.

Is Pedro always this helpful?

He's my rival.

It'll take some time until we have enough money to buy a new tractor.

Harv makes it a rule to get up early.

I bet you ten bucks that you can't stay off the grog for a month.


They've adopted a new plan.

Dan went to a convenience store.

I thought this might come in handy.

That's a matter of opinion.

I got airsick and felt like throwing up.

I don't have an opportunity to get a new car.

The expression on his face was more sour than a lemon.

Barrio knew Annie used to live in Boston.

It's obvious he's wrong.


They waited for him for hours.

I've decided to forgive them.

The ship was locked in ice.


Does this actually make you happy?


He can't afford to retire.

I think you think too much.

You don't look comfortable.


She applied her handkerchief to his wound.

Do you speak Klingon?

I don't pick up hitchhikers.

Don't risk it.

Mahjong is a game well-known all around the world.


She's not from here. She was born out of country.

He wouldn't be caught dead playing pachinko.

She accepted his proposal, with her eyes full of tears.

Can you tell me why you're here?

I'm sure you have things you need to do.

Here, the books are only in German.

I'm pretty happy with it.

It was nothing serious.

It is incumbent on you to do so.

My spoon is too big!

Do you know anyone who would be able to do that?

If you should fail, don't lose heart.

You can see the sun peeking through the clouds.

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The infection has spread quickly.

Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus.

Even Juliane won't be able to help us.


Thank you for making it so easy.

I think it's time we asked Cristina to leave.

He may change his mind later.


Shankar should at least take a shower.

I am fully satisfied with my new house.

Let's give it a shot, Belinda.

Frederic told me he used to live in Boston.

Sherri entered the dining room, carrying a tray.

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After months of negotiations, the peace treaty was completed.


To my thinking, business is improving.

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It was painful to watch.

My little brother likes to make trouble at school.

This is how I go about it.

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Shean is in love with Toft.

I'll go whenever you like.

I began to protest.

If you want that water pistol you'll just have to save money and buy it yourself. I can't constantly buy toys for you. I'm not made of money.

I don't expect you to understand.

The man all in red was holding a gun.

It's good seeing you.


What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?

I'd like to see you, please.

Shuvra is not welcome in our home.


We've improved a lot.

I thought Elijah would let me go.

We're losers.

Nobody suspected anything.

We were up all night talking.

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It's cloudy.

Show it to us.

I told you not to walk.


You're under arrest for the murder of Gregory Jackson.

They're both alive.

Adrian will do it.

They had a good command of French.

I love her so much I could die.

Children go from school to home.

Larry is going back to Boston on Monday.

To be more precise, I'd call it not the reason but an excuse.

I came to work by bike this morning.

My sister usually goes to the park every weekend.

He's shown no appreciable change of attitude.

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

It would be madness to climb that mountain in winter.


You making me sick now.


This is the key for the box.


He was so fortunate as it find a good job.

In the special forces, they also teach you how to eat shit and how to love eating it.

I made you a pair of mittens.

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You should be in jail.

I can't tell you how much this means to me.

Pradeep works for a living.

I'll bring one more towel.

I don't have a drinking problem.

Dominic gave Cristina a cup of coffee.

The strike hindered the national economy.

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Patrick is intellectually lazy.

Don't throw a stone into the river.

Rick doesn't want to go home with you.

First of all, you misunderstood me.

This wallet is made out of paper.

Why don't you share your cookies with Jim?

Use bullet points.