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New blog launched
We've launched a new blog offering tips and insights to owners and managers of small-to-mid-sized closely-help enterprises.


Definition: Mainsail
A large sail set aft of the mast and above the boom. This sail provides both driving force and balance to the boat. Pronounced as if it were spelled 'mainsul.'

Profit Improvement Experts

Mainsail Consulting Group’s focus is to help you grow your bottom line today, increase your business’s value and maximize your business’s selling price tomorrow. We accomplish this through several means:

  • Operational improvements
  • Strategy re-alignments
  • Profit mapping your products and services to maximize profits from existing sales
  • Designing and implementing process improvement and reengineering solutions to increase efficiency and reduce cost & waste
  • Providing interim operational management
  • Providing Turn-around management

Mainsail Consulting Group offers a wide array of business advisory and coaching services, designed to help you thrive. We do this by first listening to and understanding your most critical business challenges and goals. Then we apply our knowledge, experience and focused energy to provide ideas, options, and tailored solutions that help you break out of the pack and achieve superior results.

To find out more about the services we provide, follow the links below:

Business Strategy, Operation & Planning Advisory services.

Click on the Services page to find out more about the consulting services we offer.

Business Coaching

Click here or on the Services tab to find out more about the business coaching services we offer.

Peer-to-peer Guided Mentoring

Click here or on the Services tab to find out more about the peer-to-peer services we offer.

Professional Speaking

Click on the Speaking/Appearances page to find out more about the speaking services we offer.

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