Micropigmentation also known as permanent make up is a cosmetic procedure for both men and women to enhance their features be it eyebrows, eyeliner, lip colours, scalp and more. The process is very much like a tattoo where pigment is deposited into the skins dermal layer. The pigments used are EU regulated and are one of the safest on the market. All pigments are mixed to suit you, no procedure is the same as everybody has different requirements and different desires to what they want.


Micropigmentation is an amazing way to restore confidence and self esteem to all. Often with age hands become less steady and make up becomes harder to apply, sometimes you just don’t have enough time to do what you want, or maybe your eyebrows just won’t be even. Hairloss is also a problem a lot of men and women face, but with scalp micropigmentation a hairline can be restored, thinning spots in the hair can be densified or an entire head from hairloss or alopecia can be restored and given a new “buzz cut” effect with tiny dots mimicking follicles.


The pigment used is very different to a tattoo ink and breaks down in the skin over time. The procedure is also less invasive than tattooing as the needle is smaller and the layer of skin the pigment is being deposited in is closer to the surface, so the downtime after is a minimum. Sometimes swelling on softer tissue such as eyes and lips can occur, but swelling goes down within the 12 hours after the procedure.