I am horrified.

Why would I think that?


Sanford isn't on the baseball team.

That's what we're talking about.

If there are mistakes, correct them.

We have a tight schedule.

He is all but dead.

The girl looked at him too.

How is it that it's always at the bottom of the bag?


Carolyn wasn't invited.


I don't care what she eats.


Can you help me organize my files before you leave?


Consider others as yourself.


Brenda got Mike to drive him home.

You don't really believe that, do you?

The general manager is in the meeting room.

On a first date, it's best to steer clear of touchy subjects.

I felt faint with hunger.

Thuan didn't get up as early as he usually does.

What happened to Gerald could've happened to me.


Jim offered Karl a drink of water, but she refused.


Someone is calling you.


The radar was jammed.

This tool, if used carelessly, can be very dangerous.

You can't see her today.

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She is as beautiful as her mother.

I should've listened to them.

I'd never hurt her.

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Don't inconvenience yourself!

Jayant can probably be there by 2:30.

Arlene didn't do anything to help me.

I'm just a poor student.

I know who lives in that house.

If it's free, get as much as you can.

They came to John and told him.

I wish to stay alone for a couple of hours.

Please let me know if it hurts.

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Daniel looked like he wasn't enjoying himself.

Jim sometimes has disagreements with his wife.

Let's all help Luke do that.

They were here yesterday.

This suitcase isn't yours. It's mine.


When did you get back from London?

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I belong to the sailing club.


How many black and white movies have you seen?

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In the light of these facts, it may be necessary to revise our theory.

Earnie is a complete idiot.

I was born to make you happy.

The only thing worse than an idiot is a zealous idiot.

Vance is very reluctant to go.

Hillary said he would be at the meeting.

Each picture in the blog includes textual descriptions for blind readers.

Let me put this differently.

How many days do we have left until summer vacation begins?

I don't know when it happened, but it happened.

The weather report was thoroughly wrong.

I played with the computer.

The half of the earth facing away from the sun is always dark.

Like the saying that things are seen clearest from outside I wish he'd leave the association for a time and take a look at Japanese soccer.

I'd like to confirm the hour of departure.

Annard has no one to turn to.

That was another impressive fall-flat-on-your-face ... Hey, you alright, Sophie? Can you stand?

If I had to choose, I'd say Bayern Munich.

I forget where I put my hat.

Harris flinched.

One year has twelve months.

I'll do it only if you tell me the truth.

I just thought that you wouldn't want to go.

It is not decent to laugh at another's troubles.

Margie's important.

Without doubt, what people worship first is what they see most often; for example, the animals that had the closest connection to people's lives, like the horse, the cow, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and so on.

We should give them some time.

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This report is meant to explain my language learning experiences.

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We're not engaged yet.

He fancies himself ill.

He sticks to his principles.

What have you learned about Kanthan?

Roger took Kate to the store.

This is more important.

I leaned forward, eager to catch every word he spoke.


Wolfgang jumped out of the window.


How much effort does it take to get your first job?

He is likely to win the championship.

Obsequious people make me feel uncomfortable.

Let's toss a coin.

Search the house.


Leave now.

We're trying to find ourselves something decent to eat.

I want him fired.


I'll keep it a secret. Don't worry.

He is too drunk to drive home.

We live on the third floor.


Ignore him.

He could not help jumping for joy at the good news.

Do you think that's bad?

Why didn't she call me back?

I made up my mind to go there.


Moran didn't know why it was happening.

I cannot read this book without shedding tears.

I don't have a road map yet.

Here's what I don't understand.

Elwood seems to be busy.

Approximately seven billion people inhabit our planet.

Naren is the smartest guy I know.

Gregor isn't fooling me.

Even before Reagan and the Supreme Court stifled it, OSHA was a farce.

Every Jack must have his Jill.

I want to be near you.


Roxanne hates his neighbor.

The game ended in a draw with a score 6-6.

How is the family doing?

He's young, maybe too young.

I've baked a cake for her.


Please do not touch the record side.


We stayed around the bonfire telling jokes and horror histories.


Kyung finally got the nerve to ask Alfred out.

What should we have done?

Playing tennis is good for your health.


Please deposit the money in a bank.

He lived idly and found himself already forty years old.

I've lost your email address.


We are quick to kiss and makeup. We make sure arguments make us stronger, not weaker.

Proud warrior, he answered, do you have an economist in your army?

Sehyo stopped reading.

John is good at maths.

Give me the salt, please.


Rolfe and Kirk are at home today.

Do you always greet people that way?

He gave me his opinion, but I didn't give him mine.

This book is Jill's.

He decided to continue the plan.

I swear I'll stop you.

Even as we stand here tonight, we know there are brave Americans waking up in the deserts of Iraq and the mountains of Afghanistan, to risk their lives for us.

I have to repair the refrigerator.

His idea is identical with mine.

There are cherry trees near the manorial statue.

Is there anything else you require?

I've never been late in my life.

Sofoklis fell into a deep sleep.

He is a man of letters.

What's with the hat?


We're all big fans of your music around here.

I see a man between the trees.

I have heard about this kind of thing, but I have never seen it.


We walked on the dune.

I'll go see if there is any milk in the refrigerator.

I'm pretty sure that Francis just made up that story.

I need you to wait over there.

Man, I just saw it on the news! Damn, you're making me doubt my own eyes!

I cannot really say which one the baby wants, since he's pointing at both.

She's a plain speaker.

If you had helped me I would be grateful.

It has been two years since he came to Japan.


When was the last time you killed a mouse?

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The room originally had no furniture.

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Please read the whole story.

While you're busy looking for the perfect person, you may have missed the imperfect person who could make you perfectly happy.

I'll meet her tomorrow at 2:30.

Sundar was with us.

Did Tigger leave anything behind?

Don't be too hard on her.

I know you're innocent.

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"Why did Malus do that?" "Do what?"