Everything you knew is about to CHANGE

If you are a developer wanting to work with a kick ass team in a collaborative environment that is driven by quality of work rather than billable hours, than TechMod Group is for you! Come join a great community where you can ride your favorite mode of transportation (horse included - yeehaw!) to work and develop innovative technology. Email your resume to careers@techmodgroup.com


Are You:
brimming with self-confidence, and driven enough to let self-doubt light a fire in you to be successful.

Consider Yourself:
able to balance fun and humor. You don't freak out when things get difficult or go completely wrong. You recover. You move forward.

And Most of All:
you don't settle on the obvious and are always seeking a better solution. You aren't pushy but get the job done and you have an amazing memory for specifics. Finally, you are a whiz at "Geeks who Drink" trivia.
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We Kick Ass @…

Building smart technology solutions in a business first environment that promotes success and eliminates wasted resources.
We are committed to changing the currently ineffective and frustrating process of outsourcing development by putting your business needs first.

Want to work with Us?

We bet you do! Our developers are involved from the beginning of the project. Before we write one line of code, we learn about your business & goals. Then build a group of problem solvers who are manically focused on building your solution. Our developers never work on your project based on hours input on a project. We are your partner. Our goal is your business goal. You will never be out of budget. You will not receive a sub-par project that doesn't work for your user. TechMOD's goal is your goal and we won't stop until we achieve it with you.

Let's Do Business!

We only work with select clients and are always on the lookout for our next partner.

Do you have a business that is looking to build a technology solution and is ready for a new and different experience? Do you possess the following traits?

  • Entreprenreur
  • Business person who is sick of the "old way"
  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Creative
  • Logical

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