How can I reach Lewis?


Stanly knows why Sumitro decided not to go on the picnic with him.

I hired one.

How did you find them?


Himawan needs to be medicated.

My friend wants sugar.

I am young, too.

I didn't want to lose Hilda.

My office is tiny.

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Taste the sweets of success.

Gin is not my friend.

The chemical symbol of scandium is Sc.

I shall give this dance a miss.

The class consists of 50 boys.

She has a lot of experience team teaching.

There are only three people in my family.

Evelyn is obviously very popular.

Can you pass me that thingamajig?

Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.

I don't want meat.

Do you think I'm a thief?

We exchanged phone numbers.

The boy repeats everything we say like a parrot.

When Darius saw that he would be overcome, he wanted to commit suicide in that battle.

Let me pay tonight.

There's a lot work to do today.

When you have finished reading this letter, burn it.

Naomi was looking at a picture of a person wearing a hat.

What hope attends you through this gate? Not one!

What're you doing in this park?

You say you changed schools.

Excessive supply leads to a drop in prices.

There was nothing out of the ordinary.

We're all amateurs here.

He knew a lot of songs, too.

It is dangerous to jump into a moving train.

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Thanks for being here.

To tell truth, I'm not so well as before.

I feel bad for Nichael.

Yes. I was very surprised at the news.

The policeman is driving the car.


She got away with a slap on the wrist.

I don't like all of them.

Raman seems to be reliable.

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He is no less diligent than she.

I'll have to do it manually.

I'll get to it in the morning.


Maybe you should go to Boston.

Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?

We have big plans for you.

She was young and innocent.

Grant always eats something before going to work.

Emmett is always interested in new ideas.

The next of kin have been notified.


Kate's dog was barking at Brian at the gate at noon.

You were a warden in a prison for ten years.

Each individual is different.

This trip will become a pleasant memory.

We'll miss you terribly.

So, have you told them yet?

We're all in the same game just different levels dealing with the same hell just different devils.

We may as well keep it a secret.

Hotta forgot to salute.

Brender gave Lum a stern look.

We had a 'come to Jesus' meeting at the office over the bickering and fighting.

When I entered the room, Syun and Danny were snuggled together on the couch.

Ostriches cannot fly.

Israel looked very tired.

That sight was seen, and I felt fear.

Merril knew what Marcia had done.

The capital of Japan is Tokyo.

It's not a bug.

Brandon squeezed Hilda's hand.

Your name is on the waiting list.

Denial would have been useless.

How long will he remain in Moscow?

And just who are you, exactly?

I was thinking of getting one.

I'd be willing to take that chance.

He came back home three days later.

Granted that you are right, we still have to persuade him first.

You don't have to help me.

How many did you take?

He will be my deputy while I am away.

I want you to leave my house and never come back.


It's the best French restaurant in New York.

I love my cat.

I'm a grammar Nazi.

This chair is too low for me.

The artist is eternally a boy.

His family lacks for nothing.

At the car wash next to the shopping mall.


Honesty is the last castle.


A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.

The ice cream is melting.

Tell her not to talk to anyone.

Hey, would you do me a favor?

Where I am doesn't matter.

I won't come tomorrow.

You'll understand later.


Nobody messes with Calvin.

Does Monica like it there?

This is my mother.

How did you get here today?

He has only a superficial knowledge of Japanese.


The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break hearts.

A scream broke the silence.

She prefers quiet music - the baroque, for example.


Jeffery bumped into Antony the other day at the supermarket.

Have you finished dressing?

She's a girl, but she's brave.

That's really not the point, is it?

That seems right.

Let's go somewhere quiet and talk.

The subsequent years after First Contact allowed humanity to skip what could have been millennia of material and spiritual development.


Just stay there.

He admired my new car.

I'll check your vision.


I was laughed at by everyone.


I wish he had gotten a hit in the bottom half of the seventh inning.

It's useless to talk to her. She won't listen to you.

She was so scared that she couldn't speak.


Can you take us there?

Don't you just love it here?

That would be extremely delicate.

Harry's a lot happier since he changed jobs.

I bet you'll be a great father.

A trombonist by trade, Harry sometimes doubles on the euphonium.

He lied, without hesitation.

This can lead to unpleasant consequences.

How is that even possible?

We were talking about this.

In South Korea, the most powerful member of a family, usually the oldest living male, has the power to send members of his family to a psychiatric hospital as he sees fit.


My father took us to the zoo.

We don't know it.

This racket is rather too heavy for me.

The forest is teeming with monkeys.

Gypsy had nothing to do with that mess.

I don't care whether he agrees or not.

Do you like science fiction movies?

I think I'll eat later.

That's very annoying.

I didn't do anything for him.

Do you have something stronger to drink?


The small company was taken over by a large organization.

Should I let Prakash kiss me?

Put your hand down.

Why are you thanking me?

Amines are nitrogenous compounds.

Oh wow, she's fast.

He devoted his life to education.

I used to be a cheerleader.

He screams a lot.


Let's not pack our bags just yet.


I think you're going to find this interesting.

Is it clear now?

I saw at a glance that he was an extraordinary man.

He always speaks ill of his father behind his back.

Sundaresan is waiting in your office.

Stop moving!

Stuart doesn't understand a word of French.

It fits you like a glove.

I'd like to see you tomorrow.

I find what you say of no use to myself.

I have completely got over the disease.

How much do ten paper plates cost?

Even if he's very nice, I don't really trust him.


You're too little.

It's a Japanese dog.

I couldn't stop staring at Malloy.


You always repeat the same thing.

There were no slaves in the West.

I am clever, sensitive and imaginative.

I'll look up the location of the town on my map.

I have a feeling you and I have a lot in common.