Beckie came to blows with a colleague at the office Christmas lunch.

Go see them.

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She studied the Bible.

Our neighbor's ground yields better corn than our own.

I wish we could do that.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

It's now time to act.


Prakash grabbed his bag and left.


David Beckham is English.

I don't know what the answer is.

Is that what you did to Jeannie?

Do you like camomile tea?

Jarl doesn't play outdoors much.


The mud clung to his shoes.

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Tandy is very determined, isn't he?

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I caught them by surprise.

What an incredible show!

The man you met yesterday was Granville Jackson.

I have something that belongs to you. Why don't you come over and pick it up?

Mehrdad drives a bus and Julie is a tour guide.

I feel very honored.

Loosen the bandage a little.


Next Monday is a holiday.

We shouldn't give up.

Ramon sold his bike on craigslist.

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Rank has its privileges.


Since it's cold outside, you'd better put your overcoat on.

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He reads a lot.


It is strange that people in hot climate eat hot things like curry.

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I was here when you came in.

He wasn't in the mood.

This station plays good music.

She couldn't attend the morning church service.

She's being considered for the job.

Denis drinks six cups of coffee a day.

Isaac must remain in his quarters.

Her hair became gray with the years.

I'll probably never come here again.

You still aren't sure, are you?

Do you need them?

You mill mine, and I'll mill the village chief's.

We've got a long way to go yet.

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Are you a seismologist?


If I had a choice, I probably wouldn't be doing this.

This tour takes in each of the five main islands.

This lighter won't catch.

More than 300 reindeer were killed by a lightning strike in Norway.

We reached the top of the hills at dawn.

What animals do you have on your farm?

Soohong graduated from high school three years ago.

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He'll be back home soon.

He advised me to see a lawyer. This I did at once.

Say it isn't true.

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You're the only one who can defeat Omar.

Did you ask Piet where he'd been?

Do you sell this type of wallets?

I must've dozed off.

Jem rolled the window down.

I've always enjoyed playing tennis with Marguerite.

This drink tastes sour.

He congratulated me on my success.

Tears streamed down her cheeks.

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Stay in your room until your father gets back!

I saw the dog.

We were hoping something interesting would happen.

Patricio didn't sharpen the pencils.

The curtain time is at 8:00.


Dark clouds are hanging low.

The war went against the country.

Seth said he wanted to watch a little TV.

One who is not willing to learn is not worth teaching.

I'm ready to move on.

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Shyam has a little money put aside.

I feel so betrayed.

A vast plain extends beyond the river.


Kamel fired a couple of shots in our direction.


By the time the party is over, the day will have broken.

I'm not sure I can help you.

We received their wedding announcement.


You will regret this.

Everybody calls him Mac.

That is disgusting.

Kobe is the city which I like best.

Don't be too hard on me, please.


I'm not sure what I was thinking.

When did you say Ro was getting here?

The clock was ticking.

Daniele jumped off the cliff into the river below.

Kim asks a lot of questions.

This is a better way of paying people, according to Paula Grayson.

Was your name on the list of names I gave you before?

Nicolette gave me a ride to school.

Shatter was wearing a low-cut dress.

The kind of music one listens to is a matter of preference.

That was considerate.

May God give them peace!

It's a tragedy that rainforests are being destroyed for the sake of profits.

Cathy devoted herself to her sick mother.

What in the world is this?

The police used a battering ram to break down the door.

Fear infects and corrupts everything it touches.

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The meeting is nearly over.


Do you think you're lovable?

I have three points on my licence.

One thing Honzo really enjoys is playing chess with Ted.


Dan trashed his room.

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Eugene wanted to punish me.

Sometimes, I feel like a hamster racing on a wheel.

The Lions had an easy win over the Hawks.

I wanted a sports car, but my wife said we needed a van.

This rule can't be applied to every situation.

I believe he is not an advocate.

Where is the nearest internet cafe?

Moses gestured for Myrick to sit down.

She has a dislike for snakes and mathematics.

I'm going to wait here for him.

This tie goes with your shirt.


Her mother made her a new dress.

We went to the park to take pictures.

Have you been to Cairo?

Soon there will be summer vacation.

Sorry, we're closed.


Tell them how you feel.

The gangsters let him in on their plan to knock off a rival gang leader.

Any milk or sugar?

I hate it when you leave me alone with Marnix.

I object to being treated like a child.

Sho became a French teacher when he was thirty.

We prepared snacks beforehand.

He didn't want to disappoint his father.

The real definition of science is that it's the study of the beauty of the world.

There was plenty of traffic.

Ann had no friends to play with.

I think Pablo would be a good name.

We need to hire more people.

I dare say he will find the right wife for himself.

I wish everybody would just relax.

She blanched at the bad news.

When will you be in Boston?

Don't get me involved in this.

I doubt if he is a lawyer.


The dog next door is always barking.

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We happened to ride the same train by chance.

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People will question all the good things they hear about you but believe all the bad without a second thought.

Mick and John are betting on which teams will make the playoffs this year.

You were invited.

Irving can't come to school tomorrow.

Learning to read well is of primary importance.


I heard you are going to get married.

You have to help.

I haven't asked him yet.

Ma, I have always surrendered at your lotus feet.

The population of Japan is larger than that of New Zealand.

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That's not really important right now.

Let's try to sleep.

The medication is working.


This shop is just in front of the theatre.

You must wait.

I'll go tell everybody what you just told me.

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I saw a boy swimming across the river.

Phil is a sibyl.

Oh, I was disconnected.


I can't drink such sweet stuff.