She will write another book one of these days.

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Having run the race, Jane had two glasses of barley tea.

Tell me when to begin.

Carolyn confessed to killing Ginny.

I'll buy a through ticket to Hakata.

There was a pileup during rush hour.

I want you to consider this.

The family never had enough money for vacations.

I should've known you were lying.

I didn't know you had hay fever.

The Prime Minister holds a press conference tomorrow.

It was in 1939 that the Second World War broke out.

I'm going home next week.

Of course, you weren't wrong.

The only one who knows how to do that is Vince.

Don't believe anything they say.

I have nothing to do with that crime.

You're choking me.

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In Switzerland, spring comes in May.

He's still at work.

Trey became self-conscious.

I've also done the same thing several times myself.

I'm nothing like her.

I barely feel the pain anymore.

Tran is a recluse.


Weather is nice for you.

Egging is a form of vandalism.

The Denver Broncos have won Super Bowl 50.


What are you doing here? You can't come in here!

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Whose house is this?


She was skiing.


He is a man of strong faith.


It's very impressive, isn't it?

In cookies, he only eats the filling.

Do you have a tatami room for ten people?

You're number one!

Is she your teacher?

He let us go.

I'll see her before that.


Timothy is now well enough to work.

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She gave him a slap in the face.

The Japanese high tech rice cooker that I bought is really worth every penny.

And then he met a girl who changed his life forever.

Remove the beaters from the mixer before you lick them.

Do you think a male Gemini would get on well with a female Pisces?


I told Elsa I could handle it.


Show us the straight path.

Jellyfish are taking over the oceans.

Philip will be glad to see you.


Do you want to give it a try?

We can hardly keep alive on this salary.

There are only a few consequences of closing the canteen.

He thought that he was a genius.

I wish I had eaten lunch before I came here.

So what else is new?

I hear we're going to have a grand toast for the CEO!

The leak has been sealed.

Vice said that he didn't want to drive.

His manner to us was kind.

Let them eat if they want to.

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I don't know if it's possible.

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I can't get you out of my mind.

Put on your gloves.

She wants to settle down and have children.

We still don't know what happened during the last minutes of the flight.

I recognized one.

This elevator will take you up to the tenth floor.

And not only that, the goods in the company shop were usually more expensive than elsewhere.

We have new data about production and sale of electric fly swatters worldwide.

You aren't bruised.


I am tied to my desk and chair.

Do you really need a roommate?

The man driving the car had been drinking.

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I drove home.

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Joey represents the family.

I can't believe I signed off on your fuckin' E-5!

My parents raised me.

There is a heavy tax on tobacco.

I sharpened a pencil with a knife.

What do you think is down there?

I find just the memory of his overly polite patronizing manner really offensive.

I forgot that the daily rate included breakfast.

The committee are all present.


I haven't worked for years.

That student is very active.

Stay out of my way, Ahmet.


What are you doing Monday night?

He did very good work allowing for his youth.

Dan judged the plan impossible.

Chet didn't show up at school today.

I can't stop thinking about what they did to me.

Sixty percent of Japanese adult males drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.

He was very tall and slim, with long arms and legs.

I want to meet Vicky.

I am writing you at the request of a friend.


Cary said that he liked my hair.

I had naan with the tea for breakfast.

He was able to reduce taxes.

He was made a fool of.

I want to attend.


Isaac doesn't want to get married.

I hate being taken advantage of.

It was the worst night of my life.

Dan and Linda spent the summer together.

How do you like this whisky?

So I'm not the only one who had this problem.

Enter your password, please.

Animals are not toys!

See with your ears.

He was in good spirits.

How well does Jared swim?


Lester is insecure.


We're still awaiting an answer.


Why do you need one of those?

My car burns a lot of gas.

That's quite new.

He's a man you can always trust.

We had to obey the foreign law.

Come home before 10 pm.

We need food, clothes and a home in order to live.


You can get a car license after you turn eighteen.

Ragnar bought a house for Suwandi.

I am doubtful whether he will come.

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This is a new experience for Torsten.

The lessons must provide a comprehensive and differentiated vocabulary.

You can apply for a physical fitness test regardless of your age.

I wonder if Sorrel knows the combination to this safe.

I'm not in love with anyone.

Valerie can't trust Randell to look after his house while he's away.

There you see the gate that Mr. Jones built.


Girls were not allowed to go out with boys without a chaperone.

Is there any food you don't like?

I'm sure I'm right.


We're aware of that.


This project is shovel-ready.


How was the flight?

A fast child may win the race, but even a slow child can compete.

Being overly generous is his greatest fault.

I used to work for a small company in Boston.

Don't tell me, tell Tran.

I had a cheerful morning because I could hear the songs of birds.

I'm here on both Mondays and Tuesdays.

Kelvin made Mosur stop.

I'd prefer to speak French.


His name is known to everyone.

Are you going to hurt Cary?

They can't get out.

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There are only just a few passengers on that train.


This is your final warning.


Rome is worthy of a visit.


Doesn't he know I'm going out with Pria?


A lot of people are going to tell you that you shouldn't have done that.


The only thing I have now are memories.

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Timo could take you to town.

She went away without so much as saying good-bye to us.

How did you get this picture?

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The green water is not suitable for drinking.


You're spending too much time on the computer.