Renu has a kid.

Pratt's car is still out back.


I doubt that Mann would ever consider driving such a small car.

Poets write poems.

Roxie looked like he was ready to jump out a window.

The girls all made fun of him.

I won't be coerced.


When a native speaker tries to help me sound more like a native speaker, I'm appreciative.

What you need the most now is courage.

Our country borders on several countries.

How do I get back?

Japanese differ from American in many respects.


The level of English instruction in the country is very low.

I realized that putting this thing into practice was hard.

Nadeem admitted he was guilty.

How may I help you today, sir?

We sought the shade to rest.


At your service, madam!

Is he loved in Japan?

My sixty-year-old aunt inherited the huge estate.

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This is one of the best dictionaries I have.

Drivers must always be cautious of pedestrians.

He walked to and fro on the stage.

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Ima turned to the next page.

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I'm not disappointed whatsoever.

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The last thing I want to do is hurt you.

Our feud traces back to our childhood.

Last year, we had frequent disasters.

Let's see if we can solve that mystery.

I wish you had said something to us before.


Come on over.

When was Jayant's trial?

Bryce is considered handsome.

A standard 355 ml can of cola contains 39 grams of sugar.

Milner looked horrified.


All three were wounded.


Both Geoffrey and Harmon can speak French.


A certain problem may come about.

What's the situation?

I got sick.


You should stop.

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He has been a good companion to me.


Would you be so kind as to shut that window?

Bags I go first!

I met him on Friday the 13th.

He ran across the street, leaving her alone.

Belinda overloaded his power board and blew a fuse.


The sun is blinding.

Pat led the way and I followed.

That man loves my sister.


On the way to Bonn, we took in the Cologne Cathedral.


Hitoshi is not going to like it.


Soccer is an exciting game.

Each single-author book is immensely particular, a story told as only one storyteller could recount it.

Saqib's uneasy.

What convinced you?

I told you that this would become tiresome.


Guy is the last person I want to talk to now.


The Cabinet sent round an official notice.


I'd like a table by the window.


I've always admired her.

Why are boys so stupid?

Would you mind if I sit at the same table?

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How long are you planning to stay here?

Gasoline is used for fuel.

We don't have to talk about this now.


Do you know how many people are here?


The German withdrawal gave the Allies time to prepare strong defenses.

Find out all you can about Kate's business.

Doug kept singing.

Edith is leaving for three months.

I like Craig's idea.

It's an honor to meet you.

I've seen you do amazing things.

I'm getting married next week.

He turned his back on the old traditions.

He cannot stop me.

You should do away with such evil customs.

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What seems to be the matter?

Mats isn't always right.

Love is like some fresh spring, that leaves its cresses, its gravel bed and flowers to become first a stream and then a river, changing its aspect and its nature as it flows to plunge itself in some boundless ocean, where restricted natures only find monotony, but where great souls are engulfed in endless contemplation.

I drank from the bottle and before I noticed, I turned into a rabbit.

He got the first prize in a 100m race.

Be silent, or say something better than silence.

You two must be happy.

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The patient's injuries aren't life-threatening.

I just showered.

We'll be wearing gas masks.

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We are with you.

It's not why I'm here.

You shouldn't eat to excess.

She was livid when she found out all the lies he'd told her.

What kind of inhaler do you use?

Alcohol is bad for the health.

His life's goal was the "internal idea." Because the Boulogne declaration only alluded to the language, he felt the necessity to also define clearly the motto of ideal Esperantists.

Fill in this form.

Englishmen are, on the whole, conservative.


I am very disappointed.

The squirrel made a nest in the wood pile.

The sun sends out an incredible amount of heat and light.

I fed some meat to my dog.

You're making me nervous.

We're here for you.

I wasn't drunk.

Do you think this can work?

Do you need my assistance?


What would you buy if you won the lottery?

My job is to take care of the baby.

I heard that Liza is planning to take Malcolm out to dinner tonight.

I wasn't supposed to be there.

I've got lost in the forest.

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As women are full of holes, many of them tend to think of themselves as victims.

"How are you?" "I am fine, thank you."

I have the same dress as you!

We're armed.

Would I lie to you?

I want to know how.

I remember meeting that man at Cambridge before.


We still have to turn the hay and chop wood.


You ain't gonna cut it.

I wonder how she's going to react.

Do you want Frances there?

The English Channel was rough when we came across.

In spite of the rain, this trip very much pleased me, on the whole.

Men cry too.

I should stay away from here.


You're not jealous.

Pierre and Janet are married.

She lets me go with her by plane to Shanghai.

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The city is most famous for its automobile industry.


Knudsen and Gilles's little boy loves sitting on the kitchen floor banging pots and pans.

Why did Gogol burn the second part of "Dead Souls"?

You will obey.


Jose handed Gunter the key.

I just flew in on business.

Nothing's wrong.

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Kick it out, it's a witchcraft!


I have not been busy since yesterday.

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She didn't tell me anything.

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I'm still here in Boston.

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Latin America is one of the world's most unequal regions.

We got really impatient.

I blunted one.

Can you exchange this watch for a ring?

Jeffie said you were sick.

I won't cook for you.

Means of transport were improved.

It is dreadful that a nuclear crisis has hit Japan.

We have a lot of work to do!

We should go to the party together.

Our school festival was held last month.


There is no result for this search (yet) but you can help us feeding the corpus with new vocabulary!

He lived deranged of all the troubles of our family.

You can sing a song.

The sweatsuit doesn't fit me anymore.

Who will you give the first piece of cake to?