I just don't know why.


This is the best ship I've ever been on.

He lost count.

Do you think Larry is good-looking?

Many people take an interest in cars, but they don't interest me at all.

Do you know by chance her name?

The view was splendid over the plain, and in the distance was Asuka.

I don't have any change.

She really likes cats a lot.

Fate is not on our side.


She is hard at work.

I'd like to speak to the manager.

Marital arguments should always be constructive to a marriage.

You and Saify have a lot in common.

For further details, read below.


I'm the one who should be apologizing.

When the rain stopped, he went out for a walk.

You're shameless.

I want to see him.

There is a key on the desk.

I need to change my tires.

Nora came here a long time ago.


When I went to bed on the evening of November 27, I picked up my blind cat and said to her, "You and me, we're alone in this world." But two days later, my blind cat died, and I've remained completely and utterly alone.

What did you want?

I'll take Kolkka.


I could do nothing but stare stupidly at the printed page.


Shankar is better off without me.

We hope you like it.

We complained about the poor service.


It looks like we're going to have to walk.

She's already sleeping.

Happy Fourth of July!


Why don't you talk to him?

You ought to answer for what you have done.

We tried in vain to cheer Mike up.

Barrio came to my office today.

I'm just as confounded as you are.


She will start her maternity leave next week.


Have you ever seen the movie "The Box"?

Let's try and get in.

Death is certain, only the time is not certain.


According to John, the bank closes at 3 p.m.

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He was banned from practising medicine.


Who doesn't love walls?

I can't understand your language.

I am bored with living.

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I'd like to be there, but unfortunately I'm busy and can't be there.

There was no music.

Why didn't Kari say anything?

He'll play golf even if it rains.

They are both awful.

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Nouns in Latin have five declensions.

Kiki believes that the Earth is flat.

The sun is setting below the horizon.


They're using you.

I succeeded in the recovery of the stolen wallet.

They used truth serum.

I have a stinging pain here.

We were very impressed by his new book.

I don't know them that well.

I assume this is what killed Lee.

I would rather stay at home than go alone.

What's your favorite soap opera?

He prepared the blueberry sauce with which to flavor the duck.

We all need to work together.

At what time?

Have you checked our store lately?

I'm always busy these days.

I tried to call him back.

We had a bar of gold stolen.

I need to know for sure.

Wait for Debi.

It's not going to snow today.

Hum baby to sleep.

George thought it would be a good idea to see a doctor.

We can work on it.

That's the eject button. Don't touch it.

Can you produce medicines from the laboratory?

I'm not trying to impress him.


He knows better than to lend you money.


Anderson slipped on the ice and fell down.

You were shy.

"Hey man! Didn't I tell you, Elliot, that I don't eat meat!?" - "Balderdash! You're going to eat it whether you like it or not!"


He's still underage.


There's an old movie theater in town.


I am full.

No matter how hard you try, you can't finish it in a day.

Where's the secret hiding place?

Well, I never knew that.

We should deposit this money in a bank.


Sidney was sitting in his car outside the restaurant.

This box is made of cardboard.

Rakhal's prediction was accurate.

Let's not waste any more time on this.

The bus is full.

I'll be glad when it's over.

My computer makes a really weird noise.

Update my software.

He ran away as soon as he saw me.

Nancy thought the world of you.

I was not aware of this.

I cut the paper with a pair of scissors.

The longer the sentence, the more likely it is to be unique.


We needed that.

We can get through this if we all stick together.

Maybe it's better this way.


Kimberly carefully opened the box.

What else did you tell Ramon?

We need to get Jinny out of here.


I want to live in a quiet city where the air is clean.

Everybody is doing something.

We found her a wise lady.

You will soon adapt yourself to this new life.

You can't pull it off.


I cannot but feel anxious about the health of these women workers.


He speaks too much.

Where's my appointment book?

Stagger can stay here as long as he likes.

Dan wanted to see Linda's room.

She become seasick in rough seas.

Do we have to take the bus?

She has a cute giggle.

The offer is too good to turn down.

We risked our lives for it.

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Why do you want to go as far as Germany to buy a car?


She's a bit older than me.

At this time, some advice would be greatly helpful.

This basis contains many errors.


My new shoes squeak.

Let it go to voicemail.

Can't you stay a little longer?

I told them I was hungry.

He is a robust young man.


Once upon a time there were a poor man and a rich woman.

Put this in your backpack.

Tai didn't tell me this was his.


I don't think I'll ever understand.

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The frustrated tennis player smashed his racquet on the court and incurred a hefty fine.


They visited Disneyland, where they enjoyed seeing many kinds of shows.

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Should I send you more sentences?

The hotel's full of foreigners.

Kimberly looked at the horse.


That's part of our job.


I don't like French.

Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.

It's impossible.

Somehow I just can't accept that.

We all wish for permanent world peace.


A storm confined them to the house.


Am I right about that?

The two were inseparable.

The amount of work and the pay are not balanced.

Free advice isn't always good advice.

I'm lonely.

She closed her eyes.

I want him out of my life.

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I'm here.

I never want to see her again.

She liked that.