Are your speakers Philips or Samsung?

I was wondering if you'd like to dance.

Honesty, I believe, is the best policy.

Herb folded the map and put it back into the glove compartment.


You must've been wrong.

On the rocks, please.

Why don't you make a documentary film out of your life?

These books are mine.

Just tell us the truth.


I don't quite believe what he says.


Does this building have an elevator?


1980 is the year I was born.

I hate taking public transportation.

I thought Shirley would know how to do that.

My brother has been sick since yesterday.

Look it up in the dictionary.

Marci was a controlled wife.

What are you going to do when the one you love does not love you.

Bill, Bill! How do you feel?

Irvin can't afford this place by himself. That's why he has a roommate.

Help yourself and God will help you.

I think that there is a man in there.

I would have gone to where I should have gone, had I had the time, but I couldn't have had the time, so I didn't go.

His invention deserves notice.


He wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

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I suggest putting a comma here.


They talked about politics.

In less than a year, she went from straight A's to skipping school.

Are you a student?

Hohn was asked by Magnus to leave the room.

It is true he is young, but he has much good sense.

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It's complicated, you know.


It's not a conspiracy.


I want to know why this is happening.

Perhaps we can help Juergen in some way.

Steen has a bobblehead on his dashboard.

He kept his promise and helped his brothers.

Roughly speaking, a doctor repairs people.


Whose bike is it?

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Her husband is now living in Tokyo.

I just asked because I thought you would know.

Ronni ran back to Nici and hugged her.


I'd like to know more about what happened to Sridharan.


He left the house without so much as saying good-bye.

I will fly to Germany.

Francisco wasn't in the office.

You should go to bed early.

Leora and Saify hang out together.

I'll play tennis this evening.

I don't want to discuss this now.


Marek pointed to each word as he read it.

I love serious music.

Mr Smith sued them for damages.

I threw the shoes out the window.

Who gave them to me?

It was high time that Moran got out of there.

Liisa had a problem with Markku constantly trying to exploit his superiority.

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I'm only going to be here for three weeks.

Pilots communicate with airport services by radio.

Now it's time to say good night.

Mosur enjoys playing tricks on me.

Vice has been in the hospital for a long time.

He secretly showed me her photo.

They said he was the best writer in the group.

I've got something important to tell you.

Can you repeat, please?

Calm down a little, Kissho, your bumpkin nature is standing out!

Promise me you won't laugh.

Many of the guests overstayed their welcome.

I have to go pack.

We have to work hard to fix this problem.

Advantaging myself over the competition is the only way I can ensure my evaporated yogurt water stand will be here tomorrow.

We don't allow Kaj to watch TV until he finishes his homework.

She might be studying.

Duncan's looking for work.

It's an improvement.

This is the first time I've ever run in order to catch the train.

I dreamed I was water skiing.

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This year's fashions are quite different from those of last year.

I'm not the only one who thinks Lui should be fired.

Please paint the door white.


It's the same as before.


I make a point of writing to my mother once a month.

I'm housesitting.

I cannot fancy going out in this weather.


This winter will probably be very cold.


I have a dictionary.

I spent three hours in the lab with Grant this afternoon.

Sundar gets along fine with Erik.

I don't find it that difficult.

Do you like egg rolls?

I don't feel like studying English today.

She greets him every morning as he enters the school building.

He's currently in prison for tax fraud.

Don't make the perm too strong, please.

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My father insisted that I should go to see the place.


Rabin should be here shortly.

How and where did Roman die?

Just wait a minute, please.

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They don't have enough ground space to camp.

She likes that bass.

I'm going to need the key.

Matthew sells flowers.

The war in Iraq broke out ten years ago.


The notice in the park said "Keep off the grass".


I'd rather she sat next to me.


I got this information firsthand.

It snowed a lot.

Why not wait until tomorrow?

I love you guys!

He left the door unlocked.

Sjouke recognized Margot by her voice.

I have been struck by lightning three times.

A gluten-free diet is the most effective treatment for coeliac disease.

Greg is depraved.


He is too wise not to see the reason.

Get Vinod out of here.

Floria weighs more than thirty kilos.

No one noticed us.

The price was right.

Roland is extremely funny.

Life is different now.


Janos is a heavy drinker.

Where can I buy books?

Water is amazing.

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Norm lives in a big house.


She baked bread and cakes in the oven.

Nothing comes amiss to him.

It was a resounding success.

I can't follow you.

As I told you earlier, he's not here.

Data curation is the art of pampering data in a way that doesn't look like doctoring.

Do you want to eat now or not?

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She is two years older than you.


I want to buy a more expensive watch.

I bought it yesterday.

Don't worry Sri. I've got this.

Piercarlo often wears corduroys.

Hang in there, Pedro.

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They waited for their teacher.


You're lost, aren't you?

I'm not sure why you wanted me here.

Rod is coming back here to pick me up.

The man was branded as a traitor.

You really do look beautiful.

What else has Sassan told you?

I didn't agree to help Toft.


You should tell your family.

I don't think you ought to.

It'll be risky.


We're looking for someone.


Everyone has to be somewhere.


Are you here today for any particular reason?

What tempted him to propose to her?

Japanese has something in common with Korean.

You are feeling very tired. Yes, you are feeling very tired.

She abetted him in escaping from prison.

Lex is eating his favorite ice cream.

I've got one for you.

Many thanks for this illustrative collection of examples.

How fast she is running!