Instead use words like "some", "many", "often", and begin statements with openers like, "In my experience, ...", "Excuse me if I'm wrong, but...", "In many instances, ...."

You're very successful.

We men are used to waiting for the women.

Brandi seems kind.


They tried to kill us.

What more would you want?

Each child has his own room.

Being at the beach is wonderful! The kids are playing with a beach ball in the shallow water and I'm lying lazily on a deck chair sipping a cocktail.

I hope you're feeling better.


As he couldn't endure, he took to his heels.

He is unconscious of his bad manners.

Dan waited in the emergency room hallway to hear the status of Linda's condition.

Have there been many outbreaks of the measles?

It sounds like you're having problems.

She was well known for her gothic appearance.

Why don't you do it yourself?

Will you show me the book?

The teacher said he did not know the answer to my question.

I'll stay and help any way I can.

He handed the salesclerk the money.

It won't happen right away.

I forgot what the exact price was, but it was about 170 dollars.

I demand that you correct that observation, Mr. Charles.

The coach considers Bob a good player.


Joyce couldn't eat peanuts when he was a child.


You can come to visit me, provided that you promise me you'll behave.

Nguyen and Mickey were nowhere to be seen.

The door was locked from the outside.


Reinhard looked right at me.


I would like a glass of wine, please.

Knut is old enough to know better.

The compass points to the north.


I hope you find her.


I don't think it's a trend.

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He began to get suspicious about her.

Would you care for another cup of coffee?

I went to the pawn shop and asked them to please appraise my 1980s style car

You are as white as a sheet.

Don't lose it.

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More and more people are moving to urban areas.

I'm pretty sure Hal's richer than Christopher.

The water is beginning to boil.

Will Nicholas stay or will he leave?

Is that going to be a problem for you, too?

I came near to being run over by the truck.

Several politicians exerted strong pressure on the committee.

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Your criticism is unfair.

There's someone in the backyard.

He added to his savings.

Lonhyn was the only one aboard the ship when it sank.

The boxer had to lose weight for the title match.

Mehrdad doesn't trust the government.

He drew on others for help.

That's nothing more than greenwashing.

I don't want to run into her.

Claire doesn't think Andrew's crazy.

Both my sisters are teachers.

I got in my car and I drove off.

It was very cold yesterday morning.

When you smile, I am happy.

Toft talked with Victoria all night.


We prayed that our children would forgive us.

Salt is sold by weight.

The train doesn't stop at that station.

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Patrice is treating a patient.

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Real isn't going to let you go there.


Raw fish easily goes bad.

Generally speaking, history repeats itself.

Nigel is used to dealing with this kind of problem.


I felt tired after having worked for hours.

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Edgar is a frequent guest on the show.

The motorcycle crashed into a car.

Should I wait for you here?


The weeds have completely overtaken the garden bed.

Can I watch football with you again next Sunday?

I am not a native speaker.

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We're a complete joke.


She said that she was a little tired.

We should've celebrated.

Three hostages have been released.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

So you're her brother!

A Mexican taught him Spanish.

Ritalynne went home with Takayuki.

Good riddance!

People left a lot of stupid comments on your blog today.

I have more than one girlfriend.

What, in your opinion, is the solution to the problem?

I must talk with him.

Donald wasn't violent.

We've only got one left.

At least now I understand Kimberly a little better.

Tell Jaime what Drew asked you to tell him.

I thought you might be out of breath.

I wanted to see them.

My jacket has a secret pocket where I can hide money or other valuables.

He put the key on the desk as usual.

You're hurting me.


That altered the aspect of the case.

When did you see Phill?

It's five before four o'clock.

We are very happy to receive a message from you.

I consumed my whole energy.

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One apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Anatoly told Leads to stay at home until she got well.

Man... you are one twisted fuck.

Let's have dinner.

Just tell me where you are.

People will accept your idea much more readily if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first.

You can't wear those clothes to work.


Eric asked Omar to zip up her dress.

Who are we waiting for?

I should stay away from here.

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Jochen lived in a spectacularly beautiful place.

They're celebrating their wedding anniversary.

Stanislaw shot me in the leg.

I had a chance to travel abroad.

There is no shame in saying 'I don't know'.

The cat hid among the branches.

For exercise, I either ride a bicycle or go swimming.

I can't stand her any longer!

Gossip that the diva had gotten married was spreading.

Why do you believe Miek?

I'd like permission to borrow your car.

It was decided that the old building be pulled down.

The leaves on the trees change color in the fall.

Dennis will get a better job with a college degree.

Many railroads have been replaced by highways.

Have a good one.

Manavendra is pretty mad at me.

Look up the words in your dictionary.

Whenever I try to talk about it, he changes the subject.

He had hardly got into bed when he fell asleep.

The audience was exposed to the devastation.


Could I have a second helping?


You hate her, don't you?

I'm dependent on my reading glasses.

Jorge staggered away.


Is this for me?

Tell everybody to stand by.

There is a crowd of women around Bruno.

I completely understand that.

She apologized to me for stepping on my foot.


The weather was very good.

The political circumstances in the country got worse and worse.

Ruth said the same thing.

You're always disagreeing with your boss.

What's the point of showing up on time if everyone else shows up late?


I heard that Jochen wants a divorce.


Leipzig is an ancient city.

He always arrives on time.

He knows a lot about wild animals.

He drank orange juice out of a bottle.

Joachim left a note on the kitchen table.


The fluorescent light was faulty and flickered on and off intermittently.

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.

Want to come to the book sale with me?

He dwelt on the pleasure of the past.

I thought Tad had a date.


The last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov), was born 144 years ago (in 1868).

Harold does not let her sister borrow her clothes.

He had no idea what these words meant.

I came here looking for them.

I threw the papers in the basket.


I took it as a joke and did not answer.

The fighting lasted about three months.

You can count on us for better service in the future.