Lewis is washing his car.

Don't you have something that isn't out of my price range?

Anyway, I don't like it.

Russell knows you.

You've done well.

I'd like to find out who Manjeri got that from.

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Vilhelm knew he was in trouble.

He is tall and looks strong.

Let's open it.


You got skills?

You really don't have to do that.

It's already evening, I'm tired and have to finish writing. Good night!

That's why we must fight.

We played around the farm.


He gave me his word.

I'm finished.

Do you know anyone who hums while they work?


Your eyes are bloodshot.

What would the world be like without women?

I need to clarify one point.


I feel exhausted because of jet lag.

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It can be said, in fact, that research, by exploring the greatest and the smallest, contributes to the glory of God which is reflected in every part of the universe.


He was very happy.

From data gathered by the Viking 1 and 2 probes, we know that the Martian surface is covered by various rocks and a soil which is rich in an iron-laden clay. The presence of iron explains the planet's reddish-orange appearance.

Read as much as possible.

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Too much of a good thing is wonderful!

She's smoking hot.

He managed to get himself promoted last week.


David was trying to help.

They had no food.

Please mark the correct answer.

All I want is a cup of coffee and a piece of toast.

She went shopping, leaving her little child all alone.

A lie, told by a sensible man, remains a lie.

I'll be right back with your drinks.

It's not as easy as you think.

Johan is a sorceress.

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Those students are from a very good school.

Marguerite got beaten up.

He kept a diary during the trip.

We've got it all figured out.

I came for her.

Let us know what you think of our website.

I truly believe that.

The temperature is falling.

English is spoken in the USA.


Sandra wanted Jeffie to help him with his homework.

Nature is not threatened by man.

I am speaking Osmani.

No smoke without fire.

This additional work will take about two hours more.


How long does it take to get to the Hilton hotel from here?

I'm not going to sign this.

This part of town is mainly residential.

We were in the living room when we heard the gunshot.

There have been no reports of casualties.

Can you really use all of these?

Jeremy has arthritis.

We must've made a mistake.

She was accepted to Harvard.

Keith told Edmund that he wasn't tired.

Despite significant surgical risks and potential long-term effects, hysterectomies are often performed for benign conditions.

Oh, really?

It's been a terrible day.

I don't have any clothes for when I go clothes shopping.

You seem to have a lot on your mind.

I promise to read the report carefully.

Janos is inexperienced and makes extreme statements.


Jeffrey is called Jeff by his friends.


It sounds like you still love Vistlik.

Nguyen said you were different.

I don't want to force you to do that.

They barely spoke.

Paola is with his parents.

This area has changed completely.

Poverty sometimes drives people to commit crimes.

I don't believe Barton is the killer.

Terry's planning something special for Herbert's birthday.


Please don't use my name.


Does Nancy have to do her homework now?


We don't know anything for sure yet.

He understood your feelings and thoughts even without words.

Ahmed tried the coat on.


His face is distorted by pain.

I see the fellow.

I took a chance and bought five hundred shares of Sony.

What do you think the weather looks like?

Ricardo has never been to Michael's home.

It was a close game.

To our surprise, he scoffed the lot.

Obviously wash your face, but you must also take care of your appearance before assembling here.

Could you please tell me how to get to the airport?

You're not anything like him.

No vital organs were damaged.


I hope you're listening.

I'm so happy you're here.

I made tea last night.

Install properly the fans and radiator in your computer case.

I don't have much to work with.

I've been here all afternoon.

Hey, we aren't done yet.


Reckon the cost before you decide to purchase the car.

John was born in America.

One recognizes the craftsman by his work.

You don't have to do this.

He really turns me off.

Both Ricardo and Lana are depressed.

I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.


Don't use slang if you can help it.

More and more married couples share household chores.

There is nothing more shameful than to say what one cannot say for certain.


I lent my bicycle to Jane.

Erwin didn't even have the decency to admit he was wrong.

That cost me a lot in the long run.

Sirius is a star brighter than the sun.

Earle is a recovering alcoholic.

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I don't want to see Irwin now.

You want to be lawyers.

He can't speak English, much less French.


His name is the glory of this town.

I'll be back by tomorrow, if possible.

What exactly am I supposed to inspect? Are they just random things?

Everybody jumped.

I don't know. I can't remember.

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All of a thief's roads leads to prison.

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What was the problem you wanted to talk to me about?

The English sovereign is generally said to reign but not rule.

The summer here is quite warm.


Don't you worry about them.


I watch movies almost every day.

Close that door!

Dan wanted you to know that he didn't hate you.

It's easy to explain.

I've been here all day.


Everybody called me Tony in those days.

He was clearly angling for a reduction on his rent.

I met a girl.

Naren'll lose.

We often went skiing in the winter.


That spaceship is badass.


Why would you want to hurt us?

They appear dead.

What you are saying makes absolutely no sense to me.


Along comes the grandmother and sees her granddaughter.


They bought jewels and automobiles.

We often played chess after school.

His alibi is above suspicion.

Your passport has been printed.

I don't buy that. Your logic is faulty, and your example is nonsense.

There's very little money coming in at present.

He was not a good politician.

Our team is winning.

I'm not in love with them.


This is a real mess.

Ask whether Russians have already flown in.

In the bus, a boy made room for an old woman.

I gathered from her words that she liked him.

The strong, gusty wind strived to strip the leaves off the trees.

The truth is relative, just as everything in the world is relative.

England imports Spanish produce.

Can we hurry this up?

We have a few questions.


Will you go there?


Please turn the music down a bit.