Lui is ready to go out.

I just turned in my application.


To this day the bird has not returned.

The wall is white on the inside and green on the outside.

This morning, I saw at a glance that he was fancily dressed.

I'm looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.

3 plus 5 is 8.

The contract is invalid if you were forced to sign it.

You know I'd do anything for your beautiful eyes.

I don't really like him.

Stephe can barely pay his rent.

Kevyn wasn't very polite.

Isn't that unusual?

Does Arnold Schwarzenegger visit Austria?

Jennifer left the door open.


Elvis became quite wealthy.

I only met her three times.

Is she a good person?

At last, he gained his end.

Tired as he was, he went on working.

A strike is a mass refusal to work by a body of employees.

Let's hurry up.

Chemistry is the study of matter.

Paul needs to study more if he hopes to pass this class.

His eyes are red.

I'm not interested in the tea ceremony or flower arranging.

Lindsay isn't here at the moment.

We're freezing.

Life is something we are fond of, and death is something we dislike. Things we are fond of bring happiness, and and things we dislike bring sorrow. Only when sorrow and happiness do not lose their proper bounds is man able to combine his strength with the nature of Heaven and Earth, and thus be able to endure for a long time.

Business will recover soon.

One of them is a spy.

There's no time to worry about that now.

How is the food?

Dion doesn't do it.

Mr. Smith is sure to come on Sunday.

Reinhard and Shaw are really good friends.

I want to go to the city.

Why don't you follow his example?

If you don't go, I'll go.

They now have three children.

How long have you been Matti's supervisor?

The only reason I even came here was because of Cathrin.

I like milk and bread.

This work demands specific abilities.


Women not only see things differently from men, but they see different things.

No. They are too small.

Gravity binds the planets to the sun.

Please help me pick out a sweater which matches my new dress.

What's the number of the fax machine in this hotel?

Michael needs to get fit over the summer.

Pitawas helped a lot.

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That's a beautiful color on you.


Gothic became very popular in America.

This seems pretty good.

I work and always labor very much.

He signed the check.

I'd like seats right next to the court.

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Corey isn't quite ready to do what you're asking him to do.


This reminds me of someone.


That's exactly what I think too.

Claude and Julie had nothing to talk about.

People tell doctors everything.

Please come with me to Boston.

The spokesman explained the contents of the treaty to the press.

Can you do me a favour?

Well, here we go.

Either you or Jane has to go there.

It's Kinch's party tonight and I haven't got anything to wear!

What are you going to take this semester?

The baby was kicking and screaming.

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Moran isn't home.

Shouldn't we call Siping?

Do I look like a policeman to you?

You wan't me to make some coffee, right? I know how to do at least that.

We've got to find her.

Edmond is aware of his own faults.

I can't do that anymore.

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The hero finally defeated the evil scientist.


There were just barely over 100 houses in the village we passed yesterday.


He asked me my age, my name, my address, and so forth.

Saqib isn't stupid.

Feel the rhythm and follow the beat.


This water is odourless.

I can't get used to my new apartment.

I am a new student.

Yes indeed, it certainly is.

He didn't exactly cover himself in glory.

Take this book. It's about Peru's Native Americans.

I want you to fuck me even if it hurts.


What have you come here for?

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Thank you for your kind hospitality.

"I brought you a gift." "You didn't have to do that, Murthy!"

You have a dictionary, don't you? Can I use it?


Credit companies send their customers monthly bills.

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You said that you were in Boston last summer.

It's a risk I'll have to take.

I told you it wasn't Agatha.

This dog is trained to save people in the mountains.

Much of the riots' coverage was taken from the cell phones of passersby, saving local news outlets valuable film which they would later use for banal "human" "interest" "stories."

Ahmet could hardly wait to start his new job.

If the weather is good, I'll go to the park.

You're being contentious.

You cannot count on her because she's too irresponsible.


I had an interesting talk with Sidney.


You're dependable.

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Stop bluffing and scaring, cop.


Anatole is trying to open the door.

I'm in here, Alf.

This is why I need help.

You're not late.

Duane is a good team player.

Her diaries formed the basis of the book she later wrote.

You will gain nothing from doing that.

Why don't you go back to the hospital and see how Stanislaw is doing?

I know we've talked about this before.

Major doesn't like cops.

Vassos hasn't done that yet.

Remove the beaters from the mixer before you lick them.

Nothing is more important than this: to know yourself.


He can't sing well.


They were criticizing each other.

This doesn't look too bad.

Common law is derived from judicial decisions, constitutional law from the constitution of the state or country, and statutory law from the enactments passed by a legislature.

This system has a safety lock.

Let's husk the coconut.

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I can't believe Vassos refused to help you.

You cannot do all these things at once.

I don't know anything about cricket.

We should be there helping them.

Don was worn out.

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I can't even read Italian, let alone write it.

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Some believe in God, but others do not.

Earnie isn't going to fire Pedro.

Naren stole a base.

Humans and dinosaurs have never coexisted.

Louis looked where Glenn was pointing.


Ramon isn't my son. He's my nephew.


The eye is sensitive to light.

He insulted our team.

Can you do it in thirty minutes?

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They knew about the hardship and loss.

I'm going to go buy a ticket, so please watch my bags for a minute.

I'll get her a present.

The employer imposed a heavy task on them.

Whether you like it or not, you have to do your homework.

My name should be on that list.

Ginny hinted that we should pay for the room.

You'll get better in a few days.

Do you want your friend back?

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Let me ask a stupid question.

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Kirk often comes over and swims laps in our swimming pool.

He has butter and cheese.

I let the dog out.

Elliptical galaxies contain older stars and very little gas and dust. They vary in their shape from round to flattened, elongated spheres.

Who surrendered?

All you have to do is to join us.

He always twists my words.

I want to get in touch with him.

He'll kill you.

We have to make sure Sjouke knows what he's supposed to do.

I've heard of it.

It was load off my mind.

You'd better get started.

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This song was popular in the 1970s.

The lengths of day and night are the same today.

The Roman Catholic Church, which owned a large part of the most desirable land in France, also imposed heavy taxes on the poor and hungry among the French.

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We don't need them.