Do you still have a gun?

Come on out of there.

"How old are you?" "I'm sixteen."

I'm quite comfortable with my decision.

The lady persisted in wearing such an old-fashioned shirt.

Did you ski yesterday?

I was wondering when you were going to tell me about it.

There's a lot to discuss today.

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Could I see those photos again?

He was chosen out of a number of applicants.

Curtis knew the risks when he volunteered.

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I impeached his motives.

They just stopped.

Do not answer a fool according to his folly, or you yourself will be just like him.

I canceled an appointment with her.

Don't put that away yet.

What fruit is green?

She did what she had to do.

Dan learnt about the fire at his home when he was on his way to work.

He answers to the description in the newspaper.


The goods were seized by customs.

I saw Panos again last night.

But that's incredible!

Tell me how to find him.

Could you answer a question for me?

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I think it possible that he may come.


I can't believe I'm doing this.


Marcos's French is excellent.

The name comet comes from the Latin word cometa which means "long-haired".

No one voted for you.


A person who follows Islam is known as a Muslim.

Tango is the vertical expression of horizontal desire.

I take a lot of pictures.

They're boys.

I didn't like him at first.

Could it be true?

Now I have to find him.

The video went viral.

It's a damn fine day today.

There are highs and lows in life, said the elevator operator.

We need to find a way to help Ssi.


You're sounding paranoid.

I will be working on my report all day tomorrow.

The fork made its way to Western tables several hundred years later, but it was not immediately accepted.

I'm sorry I didn't keep my promise.

Justin told me that wasn't true.

It is already August.

Ofer and Antonio are both indecisive.


The Mormons have outlawed polygamy, but some adherents still practice it.


Donna didn't win.

Vidhyanath laughed a little.

Many children don't like vegetables, but my little brother loves them.

My wife works as a nurse at a local hospital.

Tell me exactly where he lives.


You look like a tourist.


Buy whatever you need.

We would like a kitchen with plenty of storage area.

I had difficulty getting a ticket for the concert.

Laurel was there, but he didn't help us.

You're so talented.

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There are few sites in the Tatar language on the Internet.

Jim managed to control his anger.

This is my last review.


In a sense, I can understand his confusion.

I cautioned him against being late.

I'm sure Steve will tell us the truth.


I'm in Boston now.

It's snowing on the streets.

His success took a load off my mind.


Take out a matchbox and a needle and thread.

You're very lucky you know! A such thing happen only once in a lifetime.

We watched TV last night.

Matthias is looking forward to going to Boston.

Jarvis's plan worked brilliantly.

They don't trust her.

What did Duncan sing?

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Floria drank himself into a stupor when Carsten walked out on him.

We like beans.

It's something my mother used to do.

We have to get him to the hospital before it's too late.

Relax. It's supposed to be fun.

I know what to expect.

I want to sit down for a change.


I just came here to congratulate you.

This window won't open. See if you can get it to move.

Where is Hakata station?

Next time, you won't be so lucky.

I have some damage to my vision.

Time after time I've invited them to come over and visit us but time and time again they've never come.

I think that's fair.

All right, let's get out of here.

I watched them skin a human being that day.


Jarmo refused at first.

This sport is becoming more and more popular.

I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach.


I never want to do it again.

We adopted them.

I didn't feel bad.

Have you found something interesting?

Where is the hotel?

What colour is this fish?

I will catch up on my homework tonight.

She is very anxious about his health.

Orville just wants to be your friend.

Earth is the densest planet of the Solar System.

Both Kirk and Ravindranath were talking at the same time.


Saumya remained perfectly still.

Susumu wears silk neckties.

Her girlfriend is part of the itty bitty titty committee.


He did not repent of his idleness till he failed in the examination.

Haste is a deed of Satan.

Have you seen him around?

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I don't appreciate unpunctuality.

Elephants live in Asia and Africa.

I really need to go home and catch some zees.

We're going to Hell in a handbasket.

He was a middle-of-the-road Democrat.

I was planning to do my homework, but I fell asleep.

They found Jeanette, didn't they?


Taurus pulled out all the stops.

We're the talk of the town.

I was wondering if you might have time to help us.

Are you afraid of dogs?

Drivers should wear seat belts.

I have to go to college.

The payment for the car will be made in 12 monthly installments.

I put my son through college.

You'll land on your feet.

She cried when she heard the story.

Bryan was an outstanding coach.

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They sell things here that you can't get anywhere else.

I'm not a toothless barking dog.

That cost a lot.

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America is very patriotic.

Lorraine lived next door to us when I was a kid.

Mitch will need help.


His index finger is shorter than his ring finger.

The sea was raging against them more and more.

That should be pleasing to anyone.


You believe that, don't you?

Shean remained silent during the meeting.

She kicked the door.

That's a great name.

It should be fine.

You actually believe that, don't you?

They are having a chat.

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This restaurant only serves appetizers.

Why did you stop then?

They say the forties are the dangerous ages.

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I took him out for a walk.

I'm not real good with kids.

This restaurant changed their menu to offer healthier food choices.

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Diana looks very uneasy.

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I would rather read a nice novel than study vocabulary.

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That's already been discussed.

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We have that in common.


There is another factor, too, that children find it hard to understand.


Do we have a small chance of winning?

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They offer an earnest prayer on the evening of December 24.

I don't have any money, but I have dreams.

Jose didn't cut Marc any slack.


I swam.