Though I failed, I will try again.

Grab the rope.

Where's your bag?

I was being made a fool of.

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He injured himself with a knife yesterday.


He backed us up in the case.


Let's take a taxi.

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Blake is a picky eater and seldom tries anything new.

Once I retire, I will dedicate my whole time to Tatoeba.

Just wait in the car.

I want you to wear this.

"What's the catch?" "There's no catch. I swear."

I'll tell you when I'll get back.

Noam leaped from his seat.

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I teamed up with Brendon for the doubles tournament.

I'm cooking.

There must be enough space between you and the car in front of you.

The tornado is getting bigger and bigger.

Do you have a Youtube channel?

All of a sudden, he proposed to me.

I generally have lunch there.


Japanese green gentian tea is very bitter.

The figures in this table are shown in thousands.

Suzanne is awake now.

I dropped a boiled egg into my soup and seasoned it with some fish sauce.

He jumps far away from me.

John is indifferent about his clothes.

We'll have to be careful not to play into his hands.

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Everything will be fine.

Joan caught her breath when she saw the sight.

In the northeast Pacific, a widespread bloom of Pseudo-nitzschia algae stretched off the North American coast from southern California to British Columbia during spring and summer 2015.

Going all out like this is going to propel me right into an all-or-nothing struggle.

Caleb is always pressed for money.


I think you and he wanna be alone.

The left brain predominates the architecture and lifestyle in North America.

I don't know what came over me in there.

Gossip that the diva had gotten married was spreading.

I did it out of curiosity.

She signed over the car to Timo.

Duke is glad you're here.

Can you understand French?

Economic development is important for Africa.


He had strong religious beliefs.


I don't want to say that to my girlfriend.

I don't have any brothers or sisters.

The chairman resigned out of the blue.


You could have been happy.

That's so annoying.

I won't let her go there.

Merril looked at his dog.

At what time does it leave?

Let me just ask you something.

Air is a mixture of various gases.

I always knew you were going to be rich.

Sehyo likes to wear tight pants.

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Could you please make room for me?

Can you return starling chicks to their parents?

Manavendra took his time walking home.

Kamiya's eyes filled with tears as she read the note from Ronald telling her that he'd left her.

This has never happened before.

He's a marine biologist.

Where are you going to?


You live in Belfast.

You can have mine.

They became friends in elementary school.

Let me introduce you to him.

It will get dark earlier this evening, as it is raining.

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Didn't you find out about your daughter's wedding?


There are some cat's tracks on the table.

Unlike his father, he was always smiling.

Are you really OK?


You know the answer?

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Can I count on you to do that?


Conrad lost his passport.

Everything is going to be OK.

Is she still mad?

I ate bhelpuri.

It's a good conversation starter.

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Foreign students demanded help from us.

You should take an umbrella with you.

He flinches whenever he hears a loud, sudden noise.

I'm going to ask my hairdresser when I go on Wednesday if I can.

All his hope had been lost.

She saw the file.

It is Eve that sets Adam on.

We've got a pool.

The instinct of self-defense is inherent in any animal.

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It's for him.

The Party is always right.

Knapper just laughed at me.


I was born in Asmara.

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We are busy preparing for our wedding and honeymoon.


I thought Tolerant might be able to help us.

You get more and more beautiful every day.

Oliver has been lying through his teeth, hasn't he?

Just step back.

New programmes will appear in the fall on television.

I don't know about you, but I feel pretty good today.

The lawyer determined his course of action.

The woman was so surprised as to be speechless.

It's folly to eat so much.

Does Ron still owe you money?

We all consider it wrong to cheat in examination.

I could really go for a steak.

Let me check something.

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Kaj might've been there.


I can write my name in Chinese.

The dog is brown, small and thin.

I can go.

I just want to make sure this isn't poison.

You'll have to visit me regularly for a while.

My house doesn't have an air conditioner.

Dori is quite methodical.

She must have forgotten all about the promise.

Jim said that he wouldn't mind waiting for us.

I should've checked with you first.

If a word in itself is "international", then according to rule 15 of our grammar we are entitled to use this word, even though it is not in the "Universala Vortaro".

We invited him to our house.

Condillac, with sensationalism, revolutionised the concept of mind, making language and gesture prior to ideas, shattering Locke's conception of language as a mere passive medium.

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Even when being praised, modesty is important.

After the game, he went straight home to feed his dog.

The show starts at noon.

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We bought this in Australia.


They left behind hundreds of wounded men.

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Men only think about one thing.

What's your favorite kind of sushi?

Jef doesn't speak a word of French.


Kyle didn't have to tell me this, but he did.

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I can feel pain in both of my knees.

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Jochen usually studies two or three hours a day.

That question is easy to answer.

The president flies to the city in a helicopter.

Greece is bankrupt.

However hard he worked, he did not become any better off.


You may as well burn your money as spend it on lottery tickets.

That would be all right.

I said let Bobby go.

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I want a boiled egg.

I can go to your house tomorrow.

It is impossible to prevent this situation from occurring again.

He frequently jumps from one topic to another while he is talking.

Tell me again why you like him.

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Don't touch the computer.


Perhaps Edwin can help you with your homework.

That country has a lot of immigrants from Europe.

Gunter doesn't plan to go to Boston with us.

Let's find out where Sanand is.

They are going to perform "Romeo and Juliet" next week.

Claire bought a squirrel magnet and put it on the fridge.

Everything was ready for the trip.


My mother is carefree, cheerful and good-natured.

The situation isn't particularly dangerous.

It was for a dead person rather than a living one that we were searching.


What are you looking at me like that for?

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This movie is a must!


We chaired the meeting democratically.

Do I have to change planes in London?

The President of the U.S. paid a formal visit to China.

I don't expect you to understand it.

There is a limit to how much one can tolerate.