If he asks, I will give it; if not, not.

Senator Harry Jackson was put under house arrest.

Make a list.

Hughes was named the head of the organization after the director retired.

Yet Japan is still not sufficiently understood by other countries, and the Japanese, likewise, find foreigners difficult to understand.

Juri wanted Kerry to go.

I'm not used to driving a truck this large.

I did not see much of her as there were too many people in front of me blocking the view.


Move the neck slowly from one side to the other. It's an excellent physical exercise.


The shop wasn't very big, right?

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Cling film is made from polyethylene.

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Denis has been sitting in front of his computer for 8 hours today.


They can't possibly work. They are all fake.


I'm not so lucky.

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All our sanitary facilities are heated by solar energy.

I know I'm not supposed to be here.

Can you help me do that?


He's a seven-year-old boy.

The new concert hall is a tall, modern, structure.

The movie was more interesting than I expected it to be.

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I need him to understand.

He is clearly out of his depth.

Don't be upset.

I think you should pick Monty.

I hate his hat.

How soon can I meet him?

Tell me what your problem is.

I learned that in the first year of medical school.

I've seen him do it before.

If you engage in espionage for a foreign power, you are selling your country down the river.

Nothing's wrong with the old one.

That may work.

We'll wait a while.

At the time we got married, his parents had already died.

On entering her room, she began to read the letter.


The congressman has been in the spotlight ever since his untoward remarks about African Americans.


How much do you remember?

There was no hope in sight.

Give Interlingua a chance because it's easier than French, Spanish, or Portuguese and has more similarities to them.

The only spice Sherman puts on meat is pepper.

I knew we should've stayed at home.

Any attempt at reconciliation was nipped in the bud.

Sandy volunteered to do that.

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I've got reservations for us.


What do they do?

The title of the book should be italicized.

Art is in Boston now, isn't he?

Indra wants me to stay here in Boston until Monday.

Which browser is your favorite?


I'm real sorry to hear about that.

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I didn't know where they were.

The mob gathered round the car like so many flies.

Bring one elegant dress to go to the theater or to a party.

Audrey was obviously sick.

Leora and Spike are very happy.

Marek can drive a car now.

At the hospital he was given some blood transfusions.


Since when do you have a problem with the death penalty?


I want you to hold Mechael's hand.

He often plays piano.

This land belongs to them.

Whenever you come, you are always welcome.

He's very proud of his custom motorcycle.

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Let me help you with those.

I'm going to go see if Floria is back.

Can I see the menu, please?


Yes, I'm a student too.


I know that.

Take care of your grandfather.

I heard that he was very experienced in overseas investments.

I just want to be normal like everyone else.

We brought dinner.

I was surprised to find it on fire.

The earth is a planet.

I saw two men struggling for the knife.

Let them leave.

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I'm the one who made Lanny quit drinking.

When I contemplate the sea, I feel calm.

Alf was sitting at the bar drinking a Bloody Raj.

For the director, it's a thriller.

A dog is a loyal animal.

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I appreciate your understanding.

Did you say you've seen a UFO? You can't be serious!

I told you about this last week.

Bread and butter are my usual breakfast.

Nhan speaks only French to his parents.

Daniele looked at the tall man suspiciously.

There was a hiss of steam.

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Were you courteous?


A child whose parents are dead is called an orphan.


He claimed to be an expert in finance.


Dominick pointed down at his shoes.


Where do you really want to go?

Stand up and take a bow.

The elevator doesn't work anymore since yesterday.

I cannot help you because I don't understand Hungarian.

He always sings while having a shower.

I'll try to write you a letter.

Please stay away from Cory.


Nothing seemed to be working.


There is a continuation.

It grew cold.

We haven't done this in years.

Are you both drunk?

I let Skef know that I wasn't happy with the way he was behaving.

He has to make a choice between the objects.

You should eat vegetables.

Do you want to go out with me tonight?

I need to know when to come.


Is William a liberal or conservative?

This is totally insane.

In my opinion, it's time that he called me.

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What else did you miss?

My daughter loves music.

What's your opinion about that?

The marathon will be held, rain or shine.

He knows how to cheat people.

She's famous as a singer but not as a poet.

We've decided to get legally separated.

I have gone astray somewhere in my calculation.

Somewhere in this world, there must be an apple that needs me.


You ain't gonna cut it.

That's my hobby.

He runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds.

Indulge me with your saucy dating stories.

I like reading the "La Ondo de Esperanto" magazine.

You said Delbert was adopted.

My mother allowed me to go abroad.

"Have you been crying?" "Yes, my eyes are all red."

I think we'd better not say anything.

What's the bus fare?

I appreciate your telling me.

It's morning.

How could I do that?

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If you don't like the service, don't leave a tip.

He proved to be an ideal husband.

He's swimming now.

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Let me tell you something about Raymond.

She wanted to please the crowd.

Slavery was not abolished in the U.S. until 1865.

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He did that to create a distraction.

Barman, I need a drink.

Lunch is on you.

It's nice and cool.

She invited me over for coffee.


He can do whatever he likes with the money.


He wants meat.

She's setting the table for breakfast.

The power delivered by a one square metre solar panel is approximately one watt. Therefore it is currently difficult to harvest solar energy on a grand scale.


I am quite worried about how resilient the Gulf of Mexico is. She's had some pretty dramatic traumas, and I'm worried how much the ecosystem can actually tolerate.

I don't care. I'm hungry.

Charlie was by himself in his car.

Would you like to go to Germany with me?

I won't sell my soul.

He listened to his old punk records nostalgically.

That tie goes well with your shirt.

I must admit, I have some misgivings about your plan.

The road that leads to the hotel is narrow.


He was innocent of the crime.

Suzan thought that Rafik was having money problems.

I'm making chili.