Why don't you call customer service?

The end crowns the work.

They're attacking us.

I don't want them to come.

Hey, Ayako, make your voice louder.

There's an easy solution.

I was just wondering if you'd heard anything from Soohong.

Last night someone broke into the small shop near my house.

And you are going to raise it in three days?

Jacques wouldn't like Boston.

Hazel tossed the ball into the air.

Grace is an amazing actor.

Quiet, otherwise you'll be thrown out!

That's not his real name.

I don't want to forget it.

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I was ignorant that he was present.

We must hurry.

Where can I find the key to your heart?

Can I leave my bag here?

Kathy neglected his family.

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I'm kind of astonished.

This lemonade tastes too sweet.

His body shivered with excitement.


I'm sure you don't want to do that.

Unlock the cabinet with this key.

I couldn't stand it anymore.

I don't go to the movies alone because I like to talk to someone about the movie afterwards.

I hate Clare for many reasons.

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By what method did you learn Lojban?


He walked back and forth in the room.

I don't know anybody here in this town.

Byron visited Monty yesterday.


That's what Pierre and Sam did.

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Do you have a problem telling people what you really think?

An espresso doppio to drink inside.

Nixon became very angry.

This necklace of Jane's is a gift from her grandmother.

He pushes me into the bushes.

He sawed off the branch he was sitting on.

Come to my quarters.

Pat cleaned the toilet.

I have more to say.


They're hollow.


It seems very difficult for me.

I ate lunch in a hurry.

The football player has made a huge mistake.

Naim looks straight out of central casting.

Would you like to try something new?

Two big powers have signed a secret agreement.

These questions are timely.

He always does this.

I spent that Saturday afternoon watching TV.

I lost the thread of the story.

It's not going very well.

The future belongs to the few among us who are still willing to get their hands dirty.

He's mumbling something.

I read a book of adventure stories.

I'm not going to worry about it.

He gives some meat to the dog.

Bucharest is not Budapest.


The crew had to abandon the sinking ship.


I haven't seen him for a long time.


He can read well enough.

I could have done it better.

Russ will watch the superbowl with Mat.


Catherine bragged about his new phone.

I love going to book sales.

I don't want her to die.

It's my favorite song.

This is so good.

You're just like your father.

I'm headed the other way.

Winnie was three meters behind me.

I am interested in Japanese history.

The line is moving very slowly.

Selling motorcars is my business.

I'd like to go to the mall.

I don't believe him any longer.

I have no idea what happened.

Why did you have the lights turned off?

The thief broke the window.

It was a bad idea.


The doctor will be here in a minute.

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You are free to use this dictionary.


Get out of bed!

I am tired so go and bother someone else.

They do it faster than us.

I wouldn't want Anatole as a friend because he's very selfish.

His curiosity knew no bounds.

I told Dannie that I just wanted to be friends.

Don't speak ill of him in public.

It is said that Tokyo is a very safe city.

He suggested to us that we should stay.

The company manufactures electrical goods.

Why should Amanda be any different?

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She won't be back till five.

I know something Nicolo doesn't know.

Samir would never say that.

It took me some time to persuade her.

Tell them I'll call back.

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He is blind in one eye.

Mark is not dead.

I needed it.

I just want a vacation.

I swim a lot.

The reason will never be known.

Did you speak with him about your projects?


How many engineers took part in the conference?

What will they do?

What if Willie hadn't heard my voice at that time? What in the world would have happened? Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

How can you stand that fierce heat all day?

Jane's dog's name is Cookie.


Have you ever seen snow?


Since when do you learn Japanese?


By all accounts, Fr. Mulligan was a paragon of virtue.

This valley is very fertile.

We are the Borg.

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That was a lie, of course.

And your parents? When are they arriving?

I got off the train.


Hsuan would see with his own eyes the future he had made.

The refugees were excluded from the country.

Please take this parcel to the post office.

Who would be its next victim?

Everyone should have a hobby.

I don't know where I should look.

The strain has begun to tell on his health.

I will have obtained a driver's license by the end of the year.

Life itself is the tomb where I'm turning over.

That's why I followed you.

I hope everyone will be here tomorrow.

Let's buy her a drink.

Don't throw trash here.

The cat ran right in front of the bus and was run over.

What happened to Gregor wasn't his fault.

I'm afraid we are out of stock.

There are many people who don't like me.


Marvin was John's girlfriend all through high school.

Since when do you have a problem with the death penalty?

They live in Helsinki, Finland.

People are concerned about racial problems.

Don't you just hate this weather?


I was scared out of my mind.

I'm pretty sure that David can do it.

Will you write a small text about that?

I adjusted the telescope to my vision.

I hope Pradeep won't frighten Vladislav.


Please don't behave like a child.


We just want them back.


Does Spy plan to help us?


I want you to go and see if it's still there.

According to what I heard, he went over to the United States to study biology.

He lived on crackers and water for three days.

We still have a lot of things to do.

She's an art historian.


I have my doubts about Winnie's sincerity.

He's completely crazy.

Orville is respectful.

I told you what Blayne said.

How is that going to work?

You can have either of these, but not both.

I follow the rules.


She said she had a cold.

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Carlo is boring, isn't he?


Most developers hate debugging; it's more fun to create bugs than to correct them.