Marian has already gone to sleep.

Is your homework finished?

I couldn't get him to stop smoking.

I just thought it would save time.

It is worth noting that Lander made the necessary modifications.

That's going to take time.


The car bumped the tree.

That won't do at all.

You look very pretty.

I'm not in a position to give you advice.

They are just jealous of us.

I'm too busy to have time to enjoy myself.

Tim realized it was useless to argue.

He was shorter than me.

No matter what I did, no one paid any attention to me.

These windows need to be washed.

She hit the ball hard.


This is what I've long wanted.

I think it should've been discussed.

He zipped open his bag.


Since he's busy, he can't meet you.


It's become dark. Would you turn on the light?


Mexico is experiencing unprecedented violence as drug cartels are battling over distribution routes.

Their marriage ceremony was performed according to the custom of the district.

This is a funny sentence.

Bert has an identical twin.

Let's keep this conversation sub rosa.

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My left hand is numb.


I have no reason not to trust her.

Protestors are rioting across the country in opposition to the war.

They never did anything to help.

Globalisation has led to 24-hour trading.

She lost her way and on top of that it began to rain.

I kid you not.

Stagger isn't disappointed.

He is used to getting up early.

Listen, I'm here to deliver a very important message to you all, so pay particular attention to what I am going to say next.

I can't go because I am busy.

I don't really know Manjeri very well.

Don't believe what she says.

I would've said something.

Lawrence sounds angry.

Dublin is an Irish town.

Were there a lot of Algerians in Germany?

Why did you come here, then?

Wherever I go, I won't lose my passion.

I figured I could trust them.

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I've read every page except the last one.

You'd better leave.

I won't tolerate it anymore.

She met Carol here.

Kees was attracted to Michiel from the moment he first saw her.

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Gregg couldn't resist the temptation to kiss Hiroyuki.

They know how to swim.

Do you happen to know when Matthias is coming?


Brenda says he has no idea where Rod is.


I used to love Shane.

I'd like to spend the whole weekend sleeping.

I received a ball for the doll.

It is your right.

He walked away with a sad look on his face.

You invite us every year.

Vice got into a fistfight.


I woke up at sunrise.

It could be objective.

I know what you did last night.


Everyone except Duke was wearing a tie.

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Many Europeans visit Egypt every year.

He is a very careful driver.

She concentrated on one thing.


Your name was dropped from the list.

We looked away from them.

Tatoeba contains 10 000 Lojbanic sentences.


I don't want you to quit your job.


"Are you ready?" "I think so."


I said sorry, didn't I?

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Earnie left Noam alone with John.

We still have half a bottle of wine left.

I bought it from her.

There are a lot of fish in the pond.

I met Tony on my way home from school.


I liked this striped shirt.

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Don't tell tales out of school.

Nothing is ever done here without dispute.

I only ordered coffee, since I wasn't hungry.

Novorolsky seems to enjoy provoking arguments.

Jwahar told the children an interesting story.

You're too trusting.

I had a great time in Boston.


They stared at him.

Did you see how he looked at me?

Ping's first instinct was to run away.


Kenneth doesn't know whether Rodney is busy or not.


I was at a loss what to do on that occasion.

His biceps are very big.

You must put an end to this foolish behavior.


Did Leonard pay, too?

We always fight over silly things.

She must come at all events.

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I usually get up late.

I think it's time we gave Lorraine some time off.

When an average person sends a message in a bottle, it's just a childish fantasy. When Christopher Columbus sends a message in a bottle, the fate of an entire country is at stake.

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Are you falling in love with me?

I look on watching TV as a waste of time.

Camels have three eyelids.

I know the history of Europe very well.

Clarence doesn't need to bring a lunch. I'll make something for him to eat.


If I'm late, I'll call.


He took the job reluctantly.


Bring me a glass of beer.

He often writes to his parents in Japan.

I saw the film and found it interesting.

I'd like to eat.

We brought him his son's completely bloodstained garment.


I've been dead before, and it wasn't too bad.

Much better alone than with fools.

Where did Jinny find the machete?

Kiki will have to go without us.

I made his son a new suit.


I just want to see what it's like.


You must examine that issue.


He was a big, slow-moving man.

I will smoke and I don't give a fuck about what you say.

I'll be home all day today.

He's old and ugly.

I offered Clare a beer, but he said he didn't want one.

Hohn should probably spend more time with Damone.

I hope I'm in time for the last train.

She was brave and cheerful, and always made little of her troubles.

Tell her we're ready to go.

Watch them closely.

My father taught me the nuts and bolts of gardening.

He's been battling hepatitis for 6 months now, but it looks like he's just starting to recover.

They identified him with God.

I can't find the page I was looking for.

A distance-preserving diffeomorphism between two Riemannian manifolds is called an isometry.

What can you tell me about him?

Once you hesitate, you are lost.


The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency upped the level of the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant from level 5 to level 7.

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Jennifer nodded immediately.

I can't just ignore them.

She said to her brother, "I will tell on you."

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I appreciate your feedback.


The swallow is a sign of summer.

We can't find anything wrong with your car.

I'm such a chicken.

I'm only reading the scraps on news on the Internet, but, well, I get the general picture.

She kicked me in the balls.

Bob can no more swim than a hammer can.

They know Paola.

I will return to the house before dark.

I want pizza!

There are a lot of abandoned houses in the neighborhood.

He came across his old friend while walking in the park.

Hubert would make a very good spy.

I want you to find what Tandy took from me.

How can you tolerate such a deed?

A key is lying on the writing-table.

After a while, he came to.

Panacea ordered the same thing I did.

The crowd filled the streets.

You own a yellow sports car, don't you?