The akhun spoke about our father.

I don't believe that she can speak Hebrew.

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Are you done yet?

Coincidentally enough, I know him.

Our train already left.

One must do one's best in everything.

He is so honest that he always keeps his word.

They are about to start.

Dan discussed each detail with Linda.

He is capable of teaching both English and French.

He said he had bought that book there the day before.


What was Jeffery doing there?

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Can I talk to Jesse for a minute?

The other day I saw the girl.

My flight arrived at 9 pm.

Look at the girl who is now singing.

I usually walk.

Only the children were happy.

Terri is in prison.

Ayumi's feet were fanned by the river wind.

Rakhal is way younger than me.

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They caught me.

Kim and Roy don't seem to really talk to each other all that much.

She's on holiday with a friend.

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I'm seriously annoyed with her.

I was very much surprised by her sudden change of mind.

Have you ever listened to Beethoven's "Ninth"?

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We have a lot in common.

I must find her.

Mike thought he heard a dog barking.

I'm pleased to hear that.

She was not jealous.

I try to air my futon at least twice a week.

I already know what you're going to say.

What is the area of this city?

I will go to the market.

That actually happened three times.

When you've gone through the same things I have, then you'll have the right to talk to me about what is or is not socially acceptable.


The cheap dollar is charging up exports.

I'm not having a good day.

Kim came on Jussi's boobs.

Srikanth and Dustin often play tennis on grass courts.

In an emergency you can fall back on your savings.

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A big earthquake occurred in Tokyo.

The neighborhood was cut in two by the highway.

How did you find him?

Summer is coming.

You really hurt him.

Never speak to me again.

I go to the park.

I've got a job interview.

Charge it to my room.

She's always looking at herself in the mirror - What vanity.

By the age of seven, he had already made his own bow and arrows.


She admonished the child to be more careful.


I trained with the special forces.

Try thinking about something else.

I don't have much to spend.

A trip can create some beautiful memories for your family.

She was very surprised at his sudden defiant attitude.

I made too many cookies, so won't you take some?

She hinted that she might study abroad.


I was elated, ecstatic and extremely surprised that we were successful.

The best cakes that I have ever eaten are those that my mother baked.

Why not just kill her?

I got some money for my birthday.

I'm here for a night.

Please explain the rules of soccer to me.

It is necessary for you to go there.

It's a very long story.

They were interested.


Toby was wearing shorts.


He's got a knack for annoying me.


"Has he broken up with you?" "Yes, and now my heart is heavy as lead".

To become king at the cost of a maiden's life was too heavy a price to pay.

Does your dog bark at them?

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Traveling by boat is a lot of fun.

Ozan began trombone lessons when he was twelve years old.

Stu asked me if he should ask Mikael out.


He saw the bird in the tree.

If you don't keep your promises, people won't take you seriously.

I knew there was a reason.

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Don't be careless in your work.

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He's pathetic and stupid.


It was one of those things.


You may go farther and fare worse.

I hope Geoff and Pierette change their minds.

His state of health has been bad now for several years.

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Elizabeth is saving money to go to Japan.

Himawan had a long talk with Claudia.

Where did you spend your summer vacation?


Thanks for the breakfast and the present.


It's a long way away.

The teacher reminded us to study hard for the test.

Why don't we order pizza?

I don't know your limits.

Practise reversing the car into the garage.

Jim didn't wake up until his mother woke him.

Stay here and wait for her.

I asked her to wait a moment.

She got married against her father's will.

The baby has presumably swallowed the pacifier.

The principal came in after the teacher.


I've met him a few times.

What I really want is something hot to eat.

You can't have a relationship without any fights, but you can make your relationship worth the fight.


The table groaned with food.

That is the common occurrence in Japan.

That's a big lie.

He didn't make much progress in English.

I need to know something.

She went out on a limb defending him, and now she has lost her job.

I sent you the money through PayPal.

Jessie urged the little donkey forward.

I thought her boobs were bigger.

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I think you've been very brave.

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I'm sensitive.

"What happened to your nose?" "When I was backing my car up I went to check behind me, convinced that the car window was open, and bashed my face into it!"

Are we going on foot?

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If you hadn't asked me for it, I wouldn't have given it to you.


I'm not all that busy.

She waved good-bye to me.

The boy persisted in his opinion.

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I was talking about them.

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It is necessary for you to think about your life.

Tourists should take care to respect local cultures when they are travelling.

She seems to be nervous about her first class.


He has a bad writing.


The house is built in European style.


He didn't believe it at first.

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Have you met any of Pieter's friends?

Do you know what Liyuan is doing?

It is worthwhile to ask what sort of picture they found there.

Why didn't you get one before we left?

I can easily get lost in a new environment.

I'm the one who asked you where Jeanne was.

I'm sure you misunderstood.

Are you sure you didn't forget anything?

Where are my watches?

The European currencies have weakened against the dollar.

Louiqa couldn't stop crying.

And people were constantly coming to be baptized.

Mr. Wang has learned German because he wanted to work in Germany.

An honest farmer had once a donkey that had been a faithful servant to him a great many years, but was now growing old and every day more and more unfit for work.

One day someone tagged the Tales of Columbus as "lie" on Tatoeba, and Columbus came to remove them.

We all see the same thing.

I am putting on my jacket. Wait for me.


In General Relativity the observed global effect of gravity arises from strictly local interaction with curved space-time.


Amos died when he was seventy years old.

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You may take either of the books.

Angela apologized to Christina for not doing what he was supposed to do.

Diane came home.

The problem is Sidney.

I really respect you.


Gotta catch 'em all!


You can't do that to him.

He sang to guitar accompaniment.

Let's take the short cut.

Which word processor do you prefer?

Tracey cried tears of rage.