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Welcome to ViralProtec, your complete source for best practices Ebola personal protective equipment (PPE) and ancillary supplies. Our mission is to provide personal protective equipment for all your infectious patient care needs that meet or exceed CDC and WHO guidelines. The unfortunate current events of the Ebola outbreak and responsive needs of treatment, have communities worldwide in need of the best solutions to create a barrier to more wide spread infections while providing proper and quality care of current patients. Searching for the proper PPE should not be one of those barriers.

ViralProtec provides:

Ebola PPE Suit Up

Our PPE Meets or Exceeds: New Cal-OSHA, CDC and W.H.O Standards Biosecurity Level-4, Strict Body Substance Isolation Standards OSHA APF-1000 Respiratory Protection Standards-dependent on model OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030

Around the globe, about 400 health care staff have contracted Ebola, and more than 230 have died.


Doctors Without Borders said that 16 of its staff had contracted Ebola in the current outbreak, and nine had died from the disease.

ViralProtec is headquartered in Rochester, New York. ViralProtec is a subsidiary of Natural Nano INC. ViralProtec was formed by Natural Nano INC ( to provide a singular solution for health care workers with the most complete Personal Protective Equipment suite ups available.