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Why would I want that?

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

He spoke perfect English.

We are studying hard in preparation for the exams.

A national campaign for energy saving is underway.

It is five years since they came to Japan.

Guys, I'll do my utmost to back you up. We'll make this event a success no matter what!

Everybody believes it.

The thief used a screwdriver to break into the car.

Have you ever read the old prophecy on the library window?

Are you still working for him?

I wonder where Ed studied French.

This is totally reasonable.

Interestingly, the way we understand words is not always that obvious.

Did I ever tell you why I moved to Boston?

He told the delegates what they already knew was true.

I feel wonderful.


Take me to the Hilton Hotel.


Then, we will go clothes shopping after five o'clock, alright?

Follow his example.

I've decided to stay where I am.


I sent some money to them.

How much did you tell Kate?

Did Ragnar change his opinion?


I don't like the way she laughs.

I wouldn't bet against her.

We're three minutes behind schedule.

Do you have any smaller sizes?

You don't have a driver's license?


In any case, you have to leave early, whether you like it or not.

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I have truly learned many things from Syd.


When I was young, Jamie and I used to often go swimming together.


Customers haven't complained.

Let me think it over for a couple of days.

Who are you describing?

I'll always remember the first time I saw her.

When I get up in the morning, I usually have breakfast in the kitchen.

Craig translates slowly.

My school grades were average.


Alexis wanted to see Everett's room.

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I can't stand the idea that Martha was right about this.

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Tollefsen was more than happy to do it.

We've already hired a lawyer.

We didn't have any choice.


How did you know what she wanted?

Morton's way of speaking gets on my nerves.

Let's go meet them.

Orange blossoms have a relaxing effect and a delightful scent.

She outsmarted me.

Why is Jacques doing that?

Shari likes to keep to himself.

Karen is a likable person.

My client wants to plead guilty.

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The initials USA stand for the United States of America.

I'll come by bus.

Who's not wearing gloves?

As soon as I find it, I'll bring it over to your place.

That's all the warning Shahid and the others need.


People who make no noise are dangerous.

Come inside. It's cold outside.

You smiled and, just like that, I was happy.

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We used to get a lot of tourists from Australia.

We regret to inform you that your paper has not been accepted.

The reporter went to Barcelona to document the riots.

I decided to go.

How dared you marry my daughter without my consent?

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We won't be unreasonable.

Part of our job is to make sure that the town is safe from high water.

I spent time with Clare in Boston.

Celia's hand-eye coordination has never been the same since the accident.

I knew you were done.

He ran at the sight of the policeman.

The movie wasn't too bad.

I don't trust you completely.

Joon used the key Annard had given him to enter the house.


She forgave him.

She took thousands of pictures during her trip, but they were all bad.

My maths professor suffers from insomnia.

When water cools, it can become snow or ice.

Natraj didn't arrive until the meeting was over.

Horst was ready for anything.

This subject is extremely controversial.

He got his meaning across to me.

The results fell short of my expectations.

He put a mark on the page.

I had to make some phone calls.

How many girlfriends are you planning to have?

Please take off your hats.


Take a look at that.

He is very fast.

It was dark, wasn't it?

Bob has been engaged to Bradford for over a year.

Do you think I want to do this?

I ate while you were at the supermarket.

She took care of my dog.


I ran as fast as I could to catch up with her.

You really don't have the right priorities!

No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

I wish we could ask Naoto that question.

That would be very helpful.

You promised you'd never do that again.

"Either you'll tell the truth or..." "Or what? What will happen?"


Where does this desk go?

We are cutting the wood.

The thick fog prevented the plane from taking off.


They're older than you.

I forgot to lift the receiver before dialing the number.

Myrick is waiting for you at the stables.

There is no shame in saying 'I don't know'.

It's not safe to split up.


I need to go to the toilet.

I'm not gullible.

For my part, I don't like this picture.

Peter and I would often go to the movies.

I'll ring them tomorrow when I come home.


I was given a ten percent discount.

No one knows the answer.

Everyone's watching us.

The woman gave birth to a baby girl.

Hello, my friend! How are you?

Timothy is waiting for us in the park.

The house is heated by solar energy.

I seem to have left my wallet at home.

I felt dirty after helping him.

Mr. Suzuki is angry about Anatole's prank.

They're expensive.

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Unlike his sister, he has retained the religious faith his parents brought him up in.

I agree totally.

Bea didn't have enough experience to know what to do.

Can I take a picture of you?

See you later, alligator.

To the Hilton Hotel please!

As a matter of fact, I know nothing about it.

We had some visitors yesterday.

The two people were shaking hands heartily as if they had not seen each other for years.

For him, divorce is a good invention, with one sole disadvantage: you have to get married first.

Don't breath! It's poisonous gas.

I couldn't eat another bite.

Do you want to go to the movies or to the theater?

There's nothing nefarious going on here.

The party wasn't much fun.

We crept toward the enemy.

Lea said investigations were continuing.

Why don't we set up a meeting for Monday.

The brightness of her smile always makes me feel better.

This box will serve as a table.

Donna followed Byron out of the hospital.

Teruyuki agreed to teach Carolyn French.

You can easily judge the ripeness of a banana by the color of its peel.

'Take your only begotten son Isaac, whom you love, quickly go to the land of vision, and sacrifice him there upon a mountain.'

Weather permitting, I'll depart tomorrow.


Mason took a mirror out of her bag and handed it to Shari.

Clarence came here to help us.

When are you going to tell her?

The eyes are the mirrors of the soul.

He has a remarkable aptitude for music.


I just miss you.

Aren't you from the consulate?

Amos and I partied together one night last year in Boston.

He rejected our demand flatly.

Let me take a look.


No less than three hundred dollars was needed for the work.


They shared the money.


There's a pea in my right nostril.

Did Giles get any gifts?

This statement is wrong.

I've always known something like this might happen.

Whatever you do, don't let go of the rope.

Who's going to believe you?

Lois didn't swim.