I pricked up my ears.

Vincent removed his coat.

Firstly, let's check the attendance.

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Isadora Duncan danced with such grace that she was invited to dance in Europe.

Mayo refused to comment.

It's hard to believe, isn't it?

Turkeer offended everyone.

What a clever student you are!


Shame on the age and on its principles! The senate is aware of these things; the consul sees them; and yet this man lives. Lives!

Have you ever told Gunnar about your work?

Just between you and me, do you love my sister?

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We are sick and tired of political corruption.

I'd like to send this package to Japan.

They murdered her.

The dog is smart.

Ray certainly wouldn't be anywhere near as rich as he is if he hadn't married Donnie.

Howard started packing.

Vernon likes basketball.

I hear this is the coldest winter we have had in the past ten years.

Letters were carried by riders on fast horses.


Is there some reason you're saving these old bottles?


We do not forget.

Let's party!

Duelling was in improvement over the thug-gang skirmishing it replaced.

I need someone with whom I can converse.

How do you say that in Italian?

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Tell Art he's going to have to work late today.

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I can assure you of his reliability.

Glenn looks uncomfortable.

He declared that they had been friends for 30 years.

It seems probable.

How long are you in town?

Vladimir is in Boston on business.

I'll leave him alone.


I want Susumu brought here now.


Christopher Columbus once met the child in Sentence 47456 and opened his eyes to the world.

The boy was helped by me.

Christian searched inside the closet.

I'm trying to keep them alive.

The data hasn't been compiled yet.


Sometimes I walk home from work and sometimes I cycle, because I live close to where I work.

Oh, nothing special.

Eliot did the exact same thing Kemal did.

Hal and Gigi like the same things.

Why do you think Liza would do that?

I was baffled to see so many people at once. You couldn't get around so much that there was people everywhere.

She talks to her sister on the phone for hours at a time.

Let us help them.

Students should make use of the books in the library.

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Isaac likes spending time with Hughes.


Oscar ate until he was full.

The chances are slim to none that you'll win the lottery.

I hope you've been paying attention.

It's so weird.

Fletcher broke down.


I'll take her home now.

The plumber used many different tools to fix our sink.

Perception is reality.

Both of them arrived at the same moment.

Can I see them now?

You can't do this anymore.

You may go out as long as you came back soon.

Micah and Rajendra aren't here right now.

We need to be more realistic than that.

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Would you like to have some meatballs?

I would rather die than yield.

He has the habit of reading the newspaper while he eats.

Plastic only got one thing wrong.

You should do that.

What else can you say?

We should have left earlier.

Phillip is coming to Boston.

I really didn't have time.

He measured all his shelves.

I thought a swim might be nice.

I can assure you that honesty pays in the long run.

Is that why I'm here?

He did not come on the pretext of sickness.

Something's beginning.


I was cool as a cucumber.


If it was hurting that much, he wouldn't be playing outside.


Please come by 2:30.

My belief is that she has never told a lie.

My brother told me that she was very beautiful, but I didn't think she would be that beautiful.


It's a serious problem.

I didn't feel like calling her.

We're all out of booze.

He didn't seem suspicious.

You should've seen her run.

The stars shone all the time.

Do you offer any type of tours?


It's their anniversary.

He was excused from the remainder of the work.

I'll protect him.

I'm friendly with Piotr.

Here's your tea.


He is handsome. In addition, he is good at sport.


It is out of the question for me to built a new house till my income becomes greater.


I don't know what to do with my leisure.

The police ascribed the automobile accident to reckless driving.

I was asked to deliver this.

I know how proud you are of your children.

Do you need a hand with that?

He claims that you stole them.

I don't like science.


He was injured in the accident.

If you have any interesting books, lend me some.

Steen didn't have a lot of time.


One who has no goals in life, lives only to die.


I'll tell you tomorrow.


He is a tall and strongly built man.

Can you imagine what life was like before electricity came along?

I couldn't figure out the answer.


The boat was broken by the floating ice.

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Go back home.


The show turned out to be just as disappointing as they said.

Where does this road lead?

Sjouke was in Boston when his house burned down.

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Jwahar got in the car with Julian and they drove off.

These two concepts are intimately related.

Where is the apple?

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This kind of blouse is beginning to look a bit old-fashioned.

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Who could be better for you than Elaine?

During the meal he stole many glances at the maiden, and would even have spoken to her, but she gave him no encouragement.

Are you honest?


Place the ladder against the wall.

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Today, I do not want to go to school.

We don't need to do that now.

The narrative provided some eye-opening social commentary on the state of the country.


It'll come all right in the end.

I believe that the world has many serious problems.

This copy is full of mistakes.

The tape having been replayed, the referee conceded that the ball had crossed the line.

I've learned a great deal about Winston.

I'm pretty confident.

Nelken speaks strangely.


The operation of this machine is too difficult for me.

What's Ernest angry about?

I like to ride on trains.

Can we hit the road?

He kissed her hand.

Clyde was dissatisfied with his store bought telescope and decided to build one for himself. Clyde's father took a second job to pay for the materials needed to build it.

What's your favorite American beer?

What are polymers?

We had a fairly good idea what the world thought of the United States. Now we also know what the United States thinks of the rest of the world.

I haven't quite decided.

Ned doesn't like men who look like Sherri.

I really like travelling.

Giles is persistent, isn't he?


We left at 6 o'clock.

They got it.

My sister is engaged to him.


Everything changes very quickly and it calls for a new mindset among employees of today.


You're older than him.


It'll be sunny tomorrow afternoon.

It took me a long time to learn how to do this.

He is blind to his own defects.

Lana doesn't have much time for volunteer work.

Jack once gave a helping hand to Robert, who was in trouble; and now Robert, in turn, is of great help to Jack.