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Advantages of processing your e-Visa application with our agency

Services Government
Online application available 24/7/365
24/7/365 email support and assistance by visa experts
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Review of application by visa experts before submitting to the government
Correction of missing/incorrect information by visa experts
Verification/validation of additional information by visa experts
Simplified application process
Privacy protection and secure form
SMS when delivery fails. The applicant will receive a text message notifying of failed email delivery
Recovery of your e-Visa via email in case of loss or misplaced
Multiple Methods of Payment used worldwide

Canadian eTA Visa Service

An eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an entry necessity for every visa-exempt foreigner entering Canada by Air. Travelers require the eTA visa to transit through or fly to a Canadian airport. This means that a traveler will not need the eTA if he/she will arrive by boat, train, bus or car. The eTA is connected to the traveler's passport electronically. It lasts for 5 years or till the passport expires Ė whichever comes first. This means that if you happen to receive a new passport, then you must get a new eTA. Once you get your valid eTA, you can visit Canada anytime as you so wish. Though this is true, an electronic travel authority is not a guarantee of entry to Canada. So, when you arrive at the airport, you must provide your passport and necessary documents. For instance, a lawful permanent resident of the United States must provide a valid Green Card. This is to convince the border officer that you are qualified to enter Canada.

About Our Canadian eTA Application Service

We offer several processing services and premium submission for both corporate clients and consumers. One of these services is the application of Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to Canadian travel visas. Once you submit your application, our experts will then review it to make sure it is error free and nothing is omitted. If you make a mistake when filling details, your application can be delayed or rejected. If you happen to make a mistake during the application process, we always apply again at no charge. In case the relevant issuing authority accepts and reviews your application, it is monitored via a process. Thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email that has your application-ID. In most cases, the confirmation email is sent on the same day of application if the immigration systems donít have delays. As soon as the government finishes processing, we will send you another email with your approved eTA and individual eTA number. If you happen to misplace your eTA, always feel free to contact us and we will send you a reminder email. Should have questions, our customer support is always ready to answer them. Some of our customers forget to apply for their travel authorization or correct visa. Luckily, we were able to assist them.

Canadian eTA Visa Requirements

The process of applying for an eTA visa is straightforward and simple. A traveler needs to know about 3 easy requirements before making the application. For your reference, we will briefly describe those 3 requirements herein.

1. A Valid Passport

Before you apply for an eTA visa, you must have a valid passport from one of the visa-exempt countries. Examples of visa-exempt countries include New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the United Kingdom, among others. If you are a national from either of those countries, you will require filling your passport number to get eTA. Note that if you provide any travel document other than your passport, it will be rejected.

2. An Acceptable Method Of Payment

After filling and submitting your online form, you need to pay a fee. Here, you can use either your debit or credit card to pay. Notably, the application fee cannot be refunded. The following methods of payment are accepted such as Debit cards (including American Express, Visa, and MasterCard), Credit cards (including American Express, MasterCard and Visa), Interac, and JCB Card.

3. A Valid Email Address

Another requirement for eTA application is a valid email address. The immigration authority will send your eTA related information via this email. For example, you will get a confirmation email when your eTA application request is successfully submitted. If the authority needs supporting documents they will communicate to you through email. When the Canadian government approves your electronic travel authority they will notify you by email. If you satisfy the aforementioned 3 requirements, you can proceed with the eTA application process.

How to Apply for Canadian eTA Visa Online

Since August 2015, the Canadian government made a requirement that every traveler visiting Canada for business visits, transit or tourism must have an eTA. Failure to get this electronic travel authorization, the traveler will not be allowed into Canada. Worse of is that the traveler will face serious fines from the Canadian authority. Hence, every traveler should apply soonest possible. Having said so, here is how you apply for Canada eTA online:

Step 1

Get your debit/credit card and passport ready. Also, visit our website and click on the eTA apply button. Read the help documentation before you start filling your details.

Step 2

Use our online form to apply. Note that you cannot save the form. Therefore, you should have all your important details ready. If you are making more than one application, ensure you apply one at a time. For instance, for a family of four, you will have to fill and submit the eTA form four times.

Step 3

Use one method to pay for your eTA immediately you complete the form.

Step 4

Receive an email with your eTA application details and eTA number in 15 minutes. AlternativelyÖ..

Step 5

The immigration authority might require more details from you before they approve your application. In that case, you will get an email with instructions on the same.

Benefits Of Choosing Our Online Canadian Visa Service

Different from a paper-based application; there are many benefits of using our online Canadian Visa Service. You will enjoy benefits such as:
  • We review data before submitting
  • If you make a mistake when applying, we will apply again at no charge
  • You will receive auto-updates on your eTA application status through email
  • Quick track turnaround of your electronic travel authority
  • If you misplace your eTA we will send you a reminder email
  • In the 5 years, you will get free access to the eTA services
  • We offer web storage services for the five years period
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Get access to our FAQs at all times


The major goal behind eTA is to ease the way eligible people travel to Canada. The authority will easily identify inadmissible or undesirable parties. So, travelers with criminal records or those without fly orders will not enter the country. The US and Canada have a shared vision to boost their border security. Enacting this eTA program helps Canadian government to accomplish this allegiance. Additionally, the electronic travel authority grants the CIC a chance to track and collect data of foreign nationals in Canada. Earlier on, foreign nationals were not pre-screened before entering or transiting the country. Currently, the eTA is a necessity for every foreign national from the visa-exempt countries who want to enter Canada. The best part is that you will make the application and payment online. Within a few hours, you will receive your eTA number.

This site is not affiliated with any government body. We manage the entire application process on your behalf, assisting you to navigate through the complicated requirements. Fees will vary in relation to destination and the complexity of your application. Our service fees may be additional and separate to any government/consular fees due to the relevant embassy. If you don't want to use our service you can file an application for e-visa through the official government website.