Whatever technological innovations and design solutions may be offered to us by modern furniture manufacturers, shelving for many years has been one of the best solutions for storing things. And we are talking not only about convenience, but also about the aesthetic component, because you can fit them into the interior of any apartment, house or even a garage. If you want to create an unusual and practical shelving with your own hands for flowers or books, then you do not need to have some carpentry skills. Enough to prepare the necessary materials, and also be patient.

Experienced furniture makers know firsthand that in fact any wardrobe is a rack with back wall and doors. Therefore, having mastered the simple technology of assembling flower racks, you can easily make a complete wardrobe of any size.

Need to arrange personal items? Then you need a rack.

This is the easiest and most practical way to solve this problem. Its use is practical in the garage, in the library, in the office, and even in the living rooms. In order to make a rack, you don’t need superpowers, and you won’t need special tools either. If your funds are limited, then you can make a rack from the materials that you have at home. To successfully design a drawing, you should accurately measure the place where the rack should be located in the future. If you need to make it for storing tools or for preserving, then you shouldn’t be more sophisticated with forms. It should have a standard height, which allows you to make the pantry or garage space. For convenience, it is better to make it to the ceiling. The photo below shows an example of how a typical drawing of a rack for a garage or storeroom may look. As for the width of the shelves, it all depends on those items that you plan on storing them. If we are talking about storing cans and books, then you will need 25-30 cm wide. As for the storage of the tool, then you should push off from its volume, the width of the shelves should correspond to it. The length of the shelves, like their width, also depends from those items that will be stored on them.

For example, if the items are light, one shelf can reach up to 1.5 m, and if you need a bookshelf, for the sake of long-term preservation of the integrity of the shelving, each shelf should not exceed 90 cm in length. If you plan to store heavy tools on the shelves it is better to make a project with this fact in mind. In the process of manufacturing the rack, you will need to strengthen the frame profile of the metal.