She was a soldier in Korea.

I talk to Don on the phone every day.

There was not enough fuel.

Spiders aren't insects.


Kick! Kick!

You've gotten hitched?

There were lots of them.


Floria lives on the other side of the valley.

I really miss my boyfriend.

I'm being as clear as I can be.


He has written three books, two of which are best sellers.

I didn't realize you knew him.

Ask Jill what he's done.

Don't feel obligated to talk if you don't want to.

She did it for her children.

20 minutes past 10 o'clock.

There's no reason for you to fear for your safety.

The more laws, the more offenders.

Etna is a volcano in Italy.

Henry doesn't seem to be interested in sports.

Judith is a good choice.


Please drop in on us.

You can tell me the details later.

They already called off the strike.


What are you going to make a survey of?

Say it anyway!

That would be exhausting.


I had never been kissed like that.

A professor is teaching Czech.

They bought a new RV.

Beauty is a letter of recommendation which it is almost impossible to ignore.

They are always believing a groundless rumor.


The experiment must succeed. The next chance will only arise in fifty years.


It cost me three hundred dollars.

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Small populations fear immigration with reason.

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Normally, I wouldn't have been so busy.


We are home.

The airplane used a rocket motor to assist with takeoff.

He works on Sundays.

Randell raised his right hand.

The strike affected the nation's economy.

I just don't like Adam very much.

Do you sell a lot of those?

You were driven out.

Dan was deeply troubled by Linda's death.


Did you turn off the stove?

You know you can tell me anything, right?

I got nervous.

A storm turns into a hurricane when the wind speed goes over a hundred nineteen kilometers an hour.

He misses his father.

Shyam will never make it to school on time.

You should ask him yourself.

Ken didn't have the nerve to try it again.

He zipped his bag shut.


Carl was teased because he looked different from the other children.


I can't stand the thought of losing Sanjay as a friend.

Have her come see me.

I forgot what Novo wanted.

Andries owns a small store next to the petrol station.

Go on and say it.

I choose not to drink alcohol. I am teetotal.

Civilization is now threatened by nuclear war.


Rodger came close dying twice last night.

It's not Emil.

Are you moving to Boston?

It's time for you to renew your domain name.

He is sitting in the front seat.

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You do a lot of your work at home, don't you?


What happened to the other guy?

I'll have to take this with me.

The little girl lived in Brazil.

As a rule, we have three meals a day.

She is above telling a lie.


Victoria and Steve would both like that.

"What's in your cauldron?" "It's just soup!"

This would help I think.


Which animals make the best pets for children?

He lives in a cozy little house.

Keep it on you.

Is your clock keeping accurate time?

I thought that would make Siping laugh.


Choose three books at random.

Can you mail these for me?

There's always something to do here.


The liberty of man consists solely in this: that he obeys natural laws because he has himself recognized them as such, and not because they have been externally imposed upon him by any extrinsic will whatsoever, divine or human, collective or individual.

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The doctors can't even say what's wrong with Mwa.

The doctor's on his way.

Health is not valued until sickness comes.

Let's go to the exchange to exchange some dollars for francs.

The policeman was after the thief.

He still hasn't been to France; he really wants to go next year.

My father won't allow me to keep a dog.

All Mah does is play video games and watch TV.

Can we see Mann now?

I am very pleased with my new house.

Don't come into my room without knocking.

It stopped raining and we were able to finish our game of tennis.

I usually ride my bike to school. I mean to the office.

I didn't rip you off.

We're powerful.

Are you going to go swimming this afternoon?

She mistook me for my brother.

He has no more than one hundred books.

Francis is way older than he looks.


A person without faith is frightening.


The station is to the west of the hotel.


I can speak Irish with reasonable fluency.


Maureen certainly gets a nice sound out of that old bassoon.

The company is managed by my elder brother.

I went for a drive in the country.

She gave me her phone number.

I want to improve my English.

Discipline is the most important part of success.

He tries to keep abreast of his classmates.

The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.

Was there something wrong with the car?


It's great to see you again.

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You're very special to me.

Tell us about him.

But I understand you quite well.

When children play, they often make believe they are grownup.

Why don't you work harder?


Unlike 'weasel', the Proto-Germanic ancestor of the word 'stoat' has not been established.

I could never get away with that.

You need to tell me the truth.

Jill will be back later today.

We'll take a two-week holiday.


We don't know exactly.

That's a pretty terrible deal.

Thank you for advising me.

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Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no Santa Claus!


As flies to wanton boys are we to the gods ; they kill us for their sport.


Where did she go yesterday?


I called her Cathy.


Shyam and Ginny had way too much free time on their hands.

Emily lent me her Georgian textbook.

He continued the experiment.

She is really a nice girl.

She must have told a lie.

You'll find it impossible to live there.

I heard Vishal walking up the steps.

Let me tell my side of the story.

At midnight Aimee awoke to loud, unidentifiable noises coming from the bedroom upstairs.


I'll be working as your assistant.

What colour do you like?

Dan relayed messages between Matt and Linda.

It is not easy to distinguish good from evil.

His abilities were very great and various.

Harmon, behind you!

How do you like your coffee? Strong and black?

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Prakash got on the bus.

It's a school holiday tomorrow, so I'm planning to go somewhere and have fun.

Mr. White seems to have many friends.


I said some things I didn't mean.

Let's return to Japan together.

Don't run around the pool.

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I hate myself for hating her.

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Rajendra isn't a flight risk.

I got back from Europe in September.

Kathleen climbed into his truck.