It sounds like he's going to Kashgar.

George encouraged Ellie to study hard again.


This volume of ethanol cannot completely dissolve 0.5 g of the white solid.


I'm sure I locked the door.


Do you want it in banknotes or in small change?

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Since a large area was devastated by the Tohoku earthquake of 2011, a sustained help effort is sought.


Don't tell it to my bride.

Columbus proved that the world is not flat.

You'll regret it if you stick your nose there.

The devout Christian persists in his belief.

The room was lit by candles.

Stop gawking at him.

We've tried every conceivable method, but absolutely nothing works.


He took a photograph of the family.


There was this one man in the crowd who constantly heckled the Prime Minister during his speech.


I didn't mind doing that at all.

"This used to be such a friendly place." "Tell me about it."

You could tell Ricky was unconscious as he fell because he made no effort to break his fall.

Which fruit is green?

Lanny started taking things out of the box.

Canada borders the northern part of the United States.

Why should it be any different now?


Is there somewhere in Europe you'd like to visit?


Do not throw or drop the console or accessories, or expose them to strong physical shock.


He can't afford to buy a new car.

The Berlin wall was erected in 1961.

Give it a second.

Science has made rapid progress in this century.

I'm not so sure now.

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Hope of finding the child alive is fading rapidly.

One shouldn't worry about what people are going to say.

Kirsten wants that.


Rob asked Raymond a lot of questions.


I'm so glad you liked it.

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No matter how much you keep saying this is your house, please stop walking around naked.

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Avoid the danger of slipping on the ice.

I'm always the last to know.

My sister doesn't have a car.

I need tools.

Don't deceive him.

For a moment there, you sounded just like Clare.

Dion was surprised that Luis had a motorcycle.

I ignored it.

Are you responsible for this mess?


She was distracted by grief.


What are the meal hours?

Ben is now in the fifth year.

I look forward to meeting him.

I haven't eaten in a while.

You look very handsome, Christofer.


I translated the poem the best I could.

Louise has some very encouraging news to report.

Do you want to come over and watch a movie or something?

Say a prayer for them and say a prayer for their families -- that God give them the strength to bear the unbearable. And that He give us all the strength to be there for them, and the strength and courage to change.

Kimberly didn't seem interested in making friends.

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They play together a lot.

You've met someone, haven't you?

The price tag is still on the shirt Steve is wearing.

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I need to be alone so I can think.

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I don't think you need to say anything more.

God knows what their fate will be.

He should be given preference over the others.


Could you please show me how it's done?

Are you all finished here?

After my childhood, I was never sick again.

The table was laden with a large range of food and drink.

Ellen closed his textbook.

Why don't you get yourself something to drink?

Meehan has paid back what he owes us.


Carbon dating was performed on the sample to determine its age.


I love to see him smile.

I'm sorry to trouble you so much.

They're sunbathing around the pool.


Left alone, the baby began to cry.

He cannot come out of the room until ten.

Ramsey tried to convince Penny to knit him a scarf.

I think that's your car.

Will you write with a ballpoint pen?

Every member must attend.

It took her two hours to get ready.

Walt is proud of his past.

I hope Urs doesn't have to work this weekend.


Many of Grant's friends think he'll likely become an evangelist.

I love it when he does that.

I went for a long walk.


We have four seasons in Japan.

It's no use crying over spilt milk.

You can't just stand by and let this happen.

Kylo hasn't been here all morning.

Do you feel well?

Money and I are strangers; in other words, I am poor.

Does she like oranges?

This problem has been debated by many economists.

Do I have to pay you back?

He would not raise my salary.

We sang, danced and chatted after dinner.

Dan came across an injured raccoon.

Yesterday, a thief entered the house.


Something important happened.

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Nobody wanted to insult my country.

Denmark has introduced the world's first fat tax.

You must respect senior citizens.


I'm creative.


Why are you screaming at me?

The house is across from the church, so you shouldn't miss it.

Tell them it's important.

Please don't laugh at me.

Does their father work for the canton?


Be careful with these words.

Elias wanted to know Emil's phone number.

Don't add annotations.

Selling cars is my business.

We can make a day of it.

You're the apple of my eye.

An error occured while saving. Please try again or contact us to report this.

How many days do we have left until summer vacation begins?

I remembered everybody.

I can't get rid of it.

The Web is a big junkyard.

Alice has a flower on her head.

I can't go back there now.


Those plans look almost the same to me.

She has been in the hospital for a month.

Do you think you'll ever move back to Boston?

I really have to fix my leaky ceiling one of these days.

Most of their interviews are in German.


I think I can handle it from here.

It looks like a wig.

You can't say that word in my country!

Grace is now in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound.

Get in touch with me as soon as you arrive here.

She's apples.

Page is a terrible coach.

I know you hate carrots.

Aimee used to like hanging out with Jerald.


Look at her. She's beautiful.

Pretend you're me.

I need to see you.

Tanaka is a monk.

Here the fall came.


Here's a list of what we need.


Who's your favorite lyricist?


A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

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I had to learn the hard way that it is not advisable to drive your car when you're drunk.

You need to lower your standards.

She didn't stay because she had to go to the dentist.

This book gave me a good laugh.

How many people did you kill?

I saw Rebecca in the hallway.

It was an ambush.

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I play sports every day.

I have very low self-esteem.

The tea is scalding hot.

Hello Mr Magpie! How's your wife?

Victory, or death!

He is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Lynnette wants to ask Warren something.

Holidays? What are they?

She runs fastest in our class.