Here at Eutrigon, we take pride and delight in providing our customers with industry standard services and solutions in the areas of our core competency, so that our customers can efficiently utilize their resources to achieve their primary business objectives.
We strive to make the I.T. expenses the non-limiting factor for the growth of your business by helping you leverage our technical expertise and portfolio of cost effective services and solutions.

  • EDI VAN Services
  • Customer Portal Solutions customized to your needs
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Supply Chain Management Products

Why Eutrigon


Our vast experience in various vertical and horizontal markets enables us to provide you with high quality services and solutions using industry leading tools and technologies.


A simple tiered rate for our services and flat rate for our solutions, ensure that you don't have to worry about complicated licensing calculations or count the kilo characters.


Our services are custom built based on your requirements. We achieve a minimal turnaround time by leveraging our templates of pre-existing solutions. This hybrid approach offers you an optimized and cost effective solution fine-tuned to your needs.


We understand that for many of our customers, I.T. is not the primary focus of their business. We take a common sense approach in designing and developing our straight-faced and overfertile which you will find refreshingly simple.